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AH issues....getting beyond a joke now


how can the sever be overloaded in EU? its freggin 2am on a sunday night. Monday is tomorrow and that means work and school in 5h. Come on, there has to be a better excuse for us losing gold and items on the AH.

I have two games that i play, thats q3 and diablo, when this happens to one of the games, its really a frustrating issue. We all spend a lot of time collecting all this stuff, and then it randomly disaperes from the servers.

FIX THIS ALREADY! cant be that hard, its all one image per few items and rest is just zeroes and ones, cant be that much for the overload....jesus, its blizzard!
Has anyone that submitted a ticket gotten a response?
i lost my 1400dps weapon after i cancel auction and my ticket never got response, FAIL GAME WILL DIE AFTER GUILD WARS2 RELEASE

pray ur pandaria will not fail(which we know it will)
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I currently have over 1.5mil worth of items in the AH that are unsearchable.

These items have primary stats, vitality, and all resists at a more than reasonable price, and i cant get access to them at all...

Not to mention i have only 4 slots left to post new auctions.... this is ridiculous.
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This is some what off topic but annoying.
Last night I was attempting to use the AH.. Every time I would get a time out error after trying to purchase, then I would try again and it would say Item is no longer for sale, so I am here thinking damn I keep getting beaten on the good items...

This just kept happening until I logged out. Come back an hour later to find I have no cash. Check completed and find im full of everything I thought I didnt win.. Its not the end of the world because I have the items and can resell them. But all these AH issues are seriously frustrating. I guess Ive learnt next time I get the timeout error I just assume I have bought the item?..
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Well all the items I bought and sold yesterday that I didn't get any of before they brought the AH down are still not there. My transaction history is also wiped out no so no way to track the items I bought or sold...

Way to fail again Blizzard..
Can we get some sort of confirmation that SOMEONE at Blizzard knows about the issues? Instead of giving us no word - completely silent on a long weekend.

Twitter is silent, no blue posts. Did everyone just go home for the weekend and choose to ignore your games?
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Logged in a few minutes ago, all of my stuff is gone now. I had about 23 rare items that are now not showing up. This game is getting pretty ridiculous.
Damn my transaction history are all wiped out clean...even all the items that I have in AH are all gone....Can anyone from Blizzard answer to these?
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Hooray! So I got my gold for my items that sold! Or I should say I got gold for one of the items, 1 out of 9 of the items that have sold I got gold for. Shame it wasn't the legendary.

This is !@#$ing bull%^-*.. dont have an AH if its not working.. I just lost over 1 million gold. !@#$ your game blizz.
Laggy AH is laggy...
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I'm fine with laggy, but does it WORK eventually? It doesn't seem to for me. All my items and money are stuck in "send to stash" mode. I've tried waiting for awhile after pressing the button, but it doesn't seem to work at all.
It stopped working.
I bought an item today for 200k wich i really wanted, but allas timed out...
It's been hours and still no item, but i did pay the cost...

Great stuff Bliz!
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Missing my legendary Logan's Claw with decent stats :'(
That item better be in my Completed auctions tab when i get back!
Are you serious?

AH can't work from almost 24 hous and you still did nothing???

Items stay on search results after being sold even for 30mins.

WHOLE PAGES of already sold items that makes searching nearly impossible.

Huge and constant lag spikes that make you a lose a lot of time in the better chances.

Bought items and gold refounds that cames after 5/20min instead of instantly.

So what?

Another reboot and more people rightfully complaining about having their items disappeared for another 1 day?

Nope, just leave it like it is...

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I've defended Blizzard previously. "They have experience with these MMO-type games, they know what they're doing".

But now, I'm not so sure anymore. They botched the launch of the game so badly it's not even funny.

The problems continued well after launch, and still aren't completely fixed, in my opinion. The game isn't as smooth as it should be.

And now, the AH issues. You'd think that with running an AH in WoW for roughly 7 years they'd know how to work it. But hell no. It's completely useless. I can't buy items, all I get is "error 31071" or "request timed out".

Or when selling items, the item is taken out of your inventory and put up for auction, but when it sells, you get no money. I guess that AH fee just rose to 100%, huh?

I'm not even sure if it's possible to get any items or money by contacting support. Let's just say I'm not feeling hopeful.

So is this another level of difficulty or what? You're supposed to have RNG on your side to be able to buy an item with the money you yourself have farmed? Get real. I'm inclined to think you've hired small apes to do your coding and hardware maintenance, rather than qualified techs. But I guess it's all about squeezing as much money out of people as possible while providing the least possible amount of support, all the while spouting crap about "taking care of customers" and how "the customers are really important to us".

I'm pissed off. It's not a common occurrence, especially when concerning a game. But this is just a whole new level of not caring from their side.

I don't get what could be so incredibly hard about getting it to work, when you've had years and years of experience running WoW. Surely you must have known that a Pentium II running at 250 MHz wasn't going to cope with the load of several million people trying to play at once?

I really urge you to get your stuff together, or your name will be forever besmirched and blacklisted from my part, along with a bunch of other companies who've gone and destroyed their image in my eyes.

I can only urge others to do the same, to cause them as much harm as possible, where it really hurts - in their quarterly report. Part of me would actually chuckle upon seeing a negative quarter. Would it help me? No, probably not. But I would be happy anyway.

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