i'm a level 59 monk and being a monk i use healing mantra. healing mantra says that after the first 3 seconds i should be receiving 1168.3 hp per second which would be nice now so i looked at my hp as its going up and noticed that i'm not receiving 1168.3 per second more like 850 or 900 per sec.

i've timed this with a stop watch i wait 3 seconds for mantra to take effect for the full 1168.3 hp then i let some Mobs hit me take my hp low then i timed it with a stop watch and after 10 seconds i got only 9000 hp ish when it should have been around just under 12000 hp.

i did this multiple times just in case the hp Was chance based but it was the same every time 1500 to 2000 hp less after 10 secs thanks either way great game hurry with the expansion pack =DDD.