Diablo® III

Dying too fast

My WD is dying very vast my gear is good and i even have the passive skill that lowers damage taken but i still die fast any tips?
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what lvl are you? what are your skills?
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aeXdf!Z!a.a - build
and im level 14
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Yeah, the squishiness shows up in act 2. Best thing I did was swap out my shrunken head for a shield. A good one will absorb 10% damage right there.

Also, drop haunt for dire bats. It's SOOO good!
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dont get hit
keep hitting stuff till it dies
- monster hunter motto
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haunt with the siphon glyph really helps alot.
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Easy mode pop dem aoe hands, aoe harvest, and lets frogs do there insane dps with rune. I have made it to 27ish already half asleep in 4 mans and I just stand in middle of all the mobs and never die. soul harvest with the life rune keeps u alive all day
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Jungle fortitude, spirit walk, horrify, grasp of the dead with the extra slow rune.

All viable options very early on.
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Try using pets, make the mobs bunch up and aoe them down. It is almost essential in any game that involves a caster that they need some sort of CC and/or tank.

Avoid hits. Usually avoiding hits or running away is best for survivability.

Get some gear with vitality. Simply put, that 100 hps from that 'oh not so good armor' is life or death.
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Yea I have the same problem, I'm level 9 now with fairly decent armor (not amazing) but I literally die several times in a group of more than 3 mobs. Though it can possibly be my latency which at times can be up to 350+!!! I move TERRIBLY slow and the enemies just seem to swarm me, Didn't Blizzard promise that even though it is online it won't get that affected too poorly?!

Anyone else having latency/lag issues and is that really making the game THAT much harder for me?
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This (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#hcXdiT!bZ!aaaZaZ) is the current build I have.
WD was sucky at start, but got alot better at level 20+
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Yeah keep at the witch doctor for a while. I was debating switching out for wizard early in the game, but once I picked up some better gear and got gargantuan it became easy mode.

The most annoying thing I find is that I can't move close to mobs to soul harvest when the left click also attacks. There's probably a move-only button I can press.. will have to look for that next time I log on.

Oh and I second that vitality thing. Running around like a school girl is so annoying. Raise vitality and just tank the damage ;)
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my WD is lvl 16 and gotta say, the dogs are pretty worthless as meat shields, but once you can blow them up they will clear up those mobs that kill you fast. also dont run into the middle of things. if your not near them, they cant hit you. if they cant hit you, you take no damage.
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act 2, dont get hit by the bugs man..... thats it
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05/15/2012 10:20 PMPosted by BlackOPS
get a shield ur survivability rate will go up , i died twice as soon as i put on the stupid witch doctor doll in my off hand , put a shield back on and im owning again :)


I've been using a doll this whole time and haven't died yet. Level 21.

I use gargantuan/z. dogs/dire bats/soul harvest/darts/and either horrify, spirit walk, or sacrifice if im in a group.

I find that the gargantuan and dogs do a great job of keeping mobs away. Also, bad medicine helps a lot if you have any sort of poison attack. I can't wait to get big stinker to keep that debuff from bad medicine up even more.
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I haven't had a problem dying unless I argoed too much in Act III so far..

I suggest using your meat shield of zombie dogs and gargantuan when you get it. I still groping eels grasp because slowing is incredibly effective, but I stay at range and use the blowdarts (splinter rune). Its a little slower until Acid Cloud, but it worked for me.

And BTW, Soul Harvest+Grasp+Acid Cloud.. soo nice.
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05/15/2012 10:49 PMPosted by CdrRogdan
The most annoying thing I find is that I can't move close to mobs to soul harvest when the left click also attacks. There's probably a move-only button I can press.. will have to look for that next time I log on.

Click on open area and hold down mouse button, now you are running without having to click everywhere. Steer yourself and position the pack, no more issue of getting that 5 stack of soul harvest.
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