Diablo® III

After playing build ideas were useless

I'm only level 10, but was wondering why all the complaints about hungering arrow. I was loving it.

I'm going to try HA and Bola as primary and alternate shots and see how that works out. Should be great for heavy AoE needs.

I think at 20 i'll try entangeling shot + Cull of the Weak. Slowing almost every enemy for utility with 15% more damage on them.

I think what I love the most, is you can choose a build and change it immediately if its just not working out.
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I use Bola Shot (with the increased radius rune) and Rapid Fire.

Skills I use are Caltrops, Vault, and Spike Trap.

Run up to a group of enemies, lay down caltrops, vault out, and start laying spike traps. Shoot your Bola shot while not casting skills, and you will stay at full hatred and EVERYTHING dies. Use Rapid Fire to clean up stragglers or high armor mobs that aren't hurt by Bola Shot.

You can literally clean up anything in the game this way... and it doesn't revolve around gimmicky "shoot around the corner lololol!" gameplay.
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Well, it will seem like an odd build but I am having a lot of fun with it @ 24 :

    Bola shot w/ increased radius
    Impale w/ stun

    Caltrops w/ 80% slow
    Companion w/ spider slow
    Evasive Fire w/ Shrapnel
    Multishot w/o

    Thrill of the hunt
    Cull the weak

My main attack is evasive fire, it works wonders.. if I get to vault back with it, I drop a caltrop. When it is a slow moving group/range, I use bola shot. Fast moving group multishot. Boss/rare impale / evasive fire.

The only thing I am not sure about is the companion, the spider is new so I am trying it out. The boss/rare drop really fast right now so I am not worried about marked for death but I think on Nightmare it will become imperative, with the contagion it should work a lot better.

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My current favorite combo utilizes shock collar rune for entangling shot with hooked spines caltrops, ball lightning elemental arrow, and tinkerer grenades.

Shock collar allows me to slow them and trigger my extra damage from cull the weak passive, and I can combo that slow and/or caltrops with the grenades while flinging slowly moving lightning arrows down the field to keep my hatred stacked up.
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