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how to change back my language setting


Thanks, my patcher is back in english but its still downloading the whole game and installing all over again when i already have all the files. i was patched before language change... why it downloading the game again! i'm getting very angry.
Now it's trying to download 5Gb files!
Easy way to change game language:

Run Diablo III.exe with param:
where xxXX is a symbol of the language, example:
"C:\Program files\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -locale=frFR
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just rename agent to agent1.. it will be fine
worked wel lfor me ,
None of these fixes works for me unfortunately.
Still wants to download 2.3Gb :(
I'm done with this game I think.
All I did was patch to 1.0.5 and went into Options and found Language was blank so I changed it to English.
I've put in a Support ticket but not hopeful.
Dear Soap, You > Blizzard
Supports solution is to download the files :(
They say my language files are corrupted.
What a coincidence that it occurred just when I selected English for my language in Options.
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Eres una pistola we :D
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Super thank to those asked and helped !
I just switched my language setting to spanish because i couldnt download th new patch so i tryed doing that to see if it would work and now when the game trys to load in spanish a eror msg comes up and it closes on me ...anyone know how i can get it back to english ?
I have solved the rediculous problem of changing language.... But I have to say you are not

doing this well. It should be avoided in the design of D3 game.

I think many players have be annoyed by this hot potato..
thank you very much man
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Are oyu !@#$ing kidding me? This is not a %^-*ing kiddy hacker thing here this is a multi million dollar business and im a paying customer. And this !@#$ing bug this totally %^-*ty game experince braking bull!@#$ which should have NEVER existed in the first place is STILL in the game after 2 years?!?

Are you %^-*ing stupid? Or do you just give a !@#$ about people who give you their hard earned money to have some fun instead of spending hours downling %^-* because you !@#$ed up so horribly its not even funny???

Is blizz getting more and more run by retards or whats happening over there? Just do it like in almost every other %^-*ing modern game and let people install all the language version they want so they can switch fast and easy with a simple restart. And FIRE THE !@#$ING MORON who is responsible for this %^-*.
Do you have any clues on this in MAC OSX?
I found a way to completely reverse the language back to whichever one you prefer. Here's what I've done after accidentally selecting Russian language and having Battle.Net attempt to download almost 6GB worth of language files, even though I have re-selected English in Battle.Net settings. I followed some instructions in this thread, but none of them worked. Here's what did work though:

1. I completely uninstalled Battle.net and removed all related Battle.Net and Blizzard files and folders from Program Files, ProgramData, then from AppData\Local, and AppData\Roaming directories.

2. I went into Diablo 3\Data_D3\PC\MPQs directory and deleted all ruRU files and folders from there, including sub-directories (cache, base, etc).

3. I went back to Diablo 3 root directory, opened the 2 .db files (hidden file .agent.db, and Launcher.db), and either replaced ruRU with enUS in most cases (except where it was listing all languages) or deleted ruRU from lists that listed only enUS and ruRU.

4. Finally, I launched the game using a Diablo III.exe shortcut with "-locale=enUS" trigger. It re-downloaded Battle.Net and installed it. Then it went onto initializing the game for good 5 minutes and finally launched it in normal English (enUS). When I logged into actual Diablo 3, the game's language was set to English.

Afterwards, I could use normal Diablo III.exe or shortcut without the "-locale=enUS" trigger. I really hope this helps someone at some point as I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to get back to English without having to wait a day until Diablo 3 downloads 6GB of language files!
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