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Is this the onset of a PC gaming Renaissance?

For many years, PC gaming has been in decline. When I say PC gaming, I refer not to console games that make their way onto PC but I mean true PC gaming (quality RPGs, adventure titles and so on). Recently, this has started to change in a big way.

True adventure games have made a huge comeback. Classics like Sam n Max and Monkey Island games have returned with updated graphics. More importantly, new IPs from new companies have made titles like the recent "Walking Dead Episode 1" which are very very good.

RPG gaming is slowly but surely returning. Im not talking about MMORPGs (those cant seem to go longer than a few months before losing many users - see SWTOR). I am talking about roguelikes, party rpgs and those wierd first person action rpgs. The isometric action rpg is back in a way with D3 (Blizzard, you did a GREAT job). I mean, a roguelike that has this kind of success is a beautiful thing. The Witcher 1/2 and the Elder Scrolls has kept action rpgs going. Now we even have Deus Ex 3 - bringing back memories of DX1 and System Shock. Surprisingly, a fan backed (3 million dollars backing) Wasteland 2 is even coming our way. Damn... nice...

Now all we need is Xwing vs Tiefighter 2 (I'd love to dust off the Logitech Wingman Extreme in the closet), Mechwarrior 5, some Gold Box 3D remakes and Baldur's Gate 3. Man, it feels good to be PC gamer right now.
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If the "PC gaming Renaissance" starts with Diablo 3, I'm going to renew my xbox live subscription and also go out and buy a ps3. Thankfully it does not include Diablo 3. PC games may be coming back, but its not going to include Blizzard.
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I feel as if the issues that many players are having with Diable 3 could possibly backfire it's "renaissance". I personally haven't had any issues with the game yet, but it seems like there are thousands, if not tens/hundreds of thousands players that are displeased with multiple aspects of this launch. It has to be extremely difficult for developers to create a game - let a lone a blockbuster title - that works with systems that are rarely the same, given the wide array of choices in regards to PC hardware & even software(don't forget about MAC). In my eyes, it has to be a huge risk to create a game from the ground up for the PC gaming market, especially when you see how much money the console market brings in VS the PC gaming market.

The PC gaming market is now a niche market, niche markets are known to grow, but they hardly ever become market leaders, which IMO... is perfectly fine. The good thing about niche markets is that developers know there are certain people the will buy their game because they love that type of game... take Football Manager 2012, who would have thought that this type of PC soccer management game would be thriving in 2012?
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