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Templar's Auras

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Neither of the Templar's passive aura's are posted in my buffs area and neither are giving the benefit that I should get from him. I am playing a male wizard if that matters. Tried re-hiring him, relogging, and retraining him. Nothing has solved the issue. His other abilities are working. I trained him in Heal, Loyalty, Charge, and Inspire.
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I find that "Loyalty" is working correctly. If you go into your options and you turn on "Display Healing Numbers" you will see you are being healed every half second for 3-4 hp (making it 6hp every second). I switched out the Templar for another follower and that 3-4hp every half second went away. So it may not show, but it is working.

I'm not high enough level to test Inspire. That testing would require looking at your Arcane pool and timing it to see if it fills up faster than normal.

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Given that Inspire has a % increase to spirit regen, a Monk getting 2 spirit regen from having the Chant of Resonance passive (and an active Mantra) should have 2.24. However, I have noticed that the amount does not change whether I get the spirit regen from this passive or from gear (claws, monk helm) - there is also no Inspire buff icon.

Loyalty works fine, and it doesn't really need a buff icon in my opinion, as it is reflected in the character sheet and the difference is usually quite obvious before gaining other regen abilities.
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Not all buffs are placed in your buff icon area. It can be a little confusing at first, but it's to reduce screen clutter. Spells like Magic Weapon also don't show buffs.

You can verify if a buff is working by checking your Details pane of your character's stats before casting the spell or changing the Follower's skill set.
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