Diablo® III

Melee WD vs Melee Wiz

My first character was a Melee DH.
Then I had a hard time leveling due to the lack of effective AoE for melee and lack of defensive skills that would allow me to tank the monsters. Chakram is very bad btw.

Then I made a melee WD, with a 2 handed sword, and it was the most fun character Ive played so far. Awesome dmg with Fire Bats, Haunt, Locust Swarm.
I have the 20% dmg reduction passive on him, to make him a better tanker.
But despite having the biggest dmg of all characters, which is awesome, yellow mobs die in 3 bats and Belial dies very fast...I feel WD has no way to actually tank the mobs.
I know I can fear them, but it has a 15 sec cooldown...

Then I made a Wiz on the other side, has almost the same dmg as Witch Doctor, an armor spell that gives him 65% def 20% all resists, and Diamond Skin, which allows him to tank anything (Belial is a laugh, I barely took damage).

Is there a way to make my WD more tanky? (besides equipment of course)
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You can get self-heals on him, but if you mean tanking as in passively taking very little damage: no. Where the Wiz gets defensive spells that makes them take less damage, we have defensive spell that gets aggro off us and CCs targets. We are not a tank. Also, wtf are you doing with a 2h sword if you are using your spells anyway?
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You guys need to check Nightmare or Hell in a 3-4 Player Game , normal is nothing to compare classes at. Mobs get stronger drastically , theres a huge difference between 1-2 players , and 3-4 players as well. Our "tanky" Monk went to bed and i was left with 2 wiz's , they dropped in an eye twink even with their shields and whatever. I decided to try out a fun support tank WD build , put in the heal shaman, mass fear, wall of zombies , gargantuan and the grasp which is pretty much perma CC , put on a shield and started stacking int vit. Barely any damage , put perma CC , 21k hp currently on lvl 45 and ~750 int , for resistances + slight damage boost . I just walk into the crowd , kite em , cast a zombie wall , and the wiz's go mass nuke , they arent getting any damage , and I can pretty much tank anything for them , sometimes i need to kite , sometimes i dont even bother moving at all .

I like WD , so many different options what to go for , Mass DD , tanky , pure CC , whatever your party needs!
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