Diablo® III

How do you get into Whimsyshire on nightmare?

The secret level.

I made the staff and tried it out on normal and cant figure out how to get into it on nightmare. I figured you might have to make a staff for each game type (normal/nightmare/hell/ect) but when I got the recipe for it on nightmare mode it says i already know it. Just curious as to if I need to make another staff, and how do i designate it to nightmare, or how do I use my current staff to get in.

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bump for really needing an answer here, I know most people dont know, but there has got to be someone out there that does.
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I was wondering the same thing. I've heard people say that there are different staves for each difficulty (someone on some forum said "Nightmarish staff of herding" But it would be nice for someone with a screenshot or first hand knowledge to come forward because i'd like to know as well.
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Wondering the same thing
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Edit: Actually i found the answer... once you complete the staff for normal and kill diablo on nightmare you can buy a recipe from a vendor in act IV on nightmare... and so on for higher difficulties...
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which vendor in act 4?
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Once you beat Diablo in Nightmare you can buy the staff plans from Gorell the Quartermaster for 1G in the top right corner in town in Act IV near the followers.

Teach the blacksmith the plans, it requires the staff and 200k to upgrade.
Same thing for hell, except it requires the Nightmare staff and 500k to upgrade.

I took a screenshot of the hell version.

Hope this helps.
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@KaboomzZz, thanks
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I'm currently farming Izual to have the recipe for the staff but I'd like to know, if you upgrade the basic "Staff of Herding" to the "Nightmarish Staff of Herding" can you still use the second one to acces the secret level in normal mode? Or is it for Nightmare mode only?
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You have to beat the game in every difficulty to play whimsyshire. Like if u beat the game in normal all the way and kill diablo, then u can go to whimsyshire in normal and if u want to play nightmare mode u got to beat diablo again. I am not 100% on this but I had the same problem and it worked for me.
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u will allways only have one staff - and it can be used on all lower levels

as stated above - the higher level staff will require the lower level staff and the plans for the higher level staff - those 2 items are the required items needed to make the higher levle staff.

Also - you will not need to collect all the other items again. those other items are not sellable to vendors or the AH, cannot bet traded, or picked up by another player when dropped on the ground and are no longer usefull.
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If you already have the plans (drops from Izual) then in NM after you kill Izual you can buy it from the potion vendor in town. Then teach it to the blacksmith and pay him some gold to upgrade your Normal staff to Nightmare version. The Nightmare version can still open Normal Whimsy and so on.
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Quote from http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Staff_of_Herding :

"The plans for the first version of the staff, which allows you into Whimsyshire in Normal difficulty, drop randomly off Izual or Diablo in any difficulty mode.

After defeating Izual in harder difficulties, upgraded versions of the plans may be bought from Gorell the Quartermaster beside the Armory in Bastion's Keep Stronghold. Once upgraded, the staff can be used to access Whimsyshire in harder difficulties (one difficulty level per upgrade)."
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Long story Short:

Farm all the items needed to craft the Normal Staff.
The Plans drop from Izual (pretty low rate).

After clearing to the final quest of Act IV (assuming you have already obtained the plans), the Quartermaster near the Barracks will sell you the plans for the next level (Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno respectively) for 1 Gold.

All in all, you will spend a total of 1,850,003 Gold to reach the Infernal Staff of Herding:

1,000,000 + Hellish Staff = Infernal Craft
500,000 + Nightmarish Staff = Hell Craft
200,000 + Normal Staff = Nightmarish Craft
50,000 --- Cost to craft the normal staff
100,000 --- Wirt's Bell in Act II
3 --- The cost of the last three plans to create the corresponding staves.
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