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Cinematics menu not showing previously viewed

86 Pandaren Shaman
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I normally play Diablo 3 on my desktop. Today, I was at a friend's house, and I was playing on my laptop. We finished Act I, and the cinematic began to play. However, the movie played poorly, with extremely choppy audio and video (not very surprising, my laptop isn't very powerful). I decided to just watch them when I got home.

However, upon booting the game and logging in on the character which is now partway into Act II, the only movies that show in the Cinematics menu are those that have been viewed on this computer. Conversely, the laptop shows all cinematics up to the furthest point in the story I've achieved, even though many of them have not been viewed there.
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86 Pandaren Shaman
Posts: 49
An update, I just went and redid the quests, including killing the boss, leading up to the end of Act I. I took the caravan, and was immediately transported to the next area. The cinematic did not play, and they still do not show in the Cinematics menu.
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Same Problem.

Im at ActII and could see the opening cinematic for ACTII ,
but havent see ACT II Opning Cinamatic,

also there is not the button for ACT II opening one on my list ( from log in screen)
others are there..

I did replay final part of ACT I again but not works.

please fix this .
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Same problem here.... sad =( years and years for bugs
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I have the same problem, I played some scenes on my laptop and some on my desktop. So any done on the desktop I can view there but no on the laptop.
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I don't really think it is a bug, more like.. oh well we expected you to play them all on the same machine.
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Croyd it is not only an issue with different machines. The cinematic did not play for us when we got to the actual point in game where it should be playing.
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Same problem, can't view it all atm, not in menu and there's no transition from ACTI to ACT2 anymore.
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Got the same problem.
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I've run into the same problem too, and here's what I've discovered:

* Unlocking later cinematics (such as the end game cinematic) does not unlock the previous ones.
* Re-killing the end of act boss and going into the next act does not trigger the cinematic again (as mentioned earlier in this thread).
* Playing on new characters does not replay cinematics - I've only tried this with a cinematic I've already unlocked on the computer, since the one I'm missing is at the start of Act IV, but if it's not replaying the one at the start of Act II I'm not expecting any luck.

Here are some possibilities for Blizzard to fix this issue:
* Add an option to always display cinematics in the Options menu. Assuming (this is a big assumption) that we "unlock" cinematics in the main menu after viewing them, then hopefully this will allow us to unlock them all.
* Add an option or a utility to check your account characters to see what cinematics are unlocked, and unlock them. Perhaps make this entirely a server check so users don't have to do anything at all.
* Show us the client config file that determines what cinematics are unlocked, and show us how to edit said file.
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Same problem, missing cinematics. Saw them all first time around in normal, but they have failed to play since. They are also missing in the cinematics menu accessible from the log on screen.

Hoping for a fix soon!
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I also have a lot of missing cinematics at the cinematics menu, even though I have played through all acts from normal to hell. In fact, my cinematics menu used to have all the cinematics but for some reason some of them are just gone.
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same issues here. played only on my desktop & currently in inferno. however I'm missing several cinematics in my menu selection. love watching the opening cinematic to act 4 but it's no longer available in my menu 8(
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Same Issue, Please fix
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This happens when you login from multiple PCs for your account. To fix this, go to My Documents, Diablo 3, and open the D3Prefs.txt with Notepad. In the PlayedCutscene0,1,2,3 lines, change all values to 255, save it and launch the game. If that fails, set it all to 0 and restart the game. (game must be closed during all this)
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I have this problem. Seriously, we shouldn't have to manually edit the d3prefs.txt file to get our cutscenes back. Blizzard fix it!
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Same problem for me. You would think the devs. would want people to view something they worked really hard on more than once. Would love to see a blue reply here.
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Guys, I know how to fix this partially. If you can find the D3Pref note somewhere in the game folder, you can change the ''PlayedCutscene'' lines to have the numbers:

15 - 15 - 23 - 143

They are probably at 15 - 0 - 0 - 143 or something like that, that was what happened to me, no idea why thou, a bug I guess, I hope this helps, send me a message or something if you need help

EDIT: If you cant find the note in the game folder, search for it globally on your computer, just type in: ''pref''

and it should appear - again, hope it fixes something for you.
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Haven't played in a long time and recently started messing around on my wizard again. Roommate has never played Diablo 3 (or any other previous ones) and he thought that the graphics were "kinda crappy" from Blizzard in general. Showed him the cinematics from WoW and then decided to show him the vids from D3 (which I had already unlocked on my first playthrough on Normal)

Surprise, surprise, like the rest of you, the cinematics were all gone except for the last one which plays after defeating Diablo.

Honestly, the one I wanted to watch/show was when Tyrael chose to become a mortal.
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