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Diablo end-game cinematics & Loot

90 Human Priest
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After killing diablo, if someone in your groups starts the cinematic and aborts it, you will return to the character page (and not the game)... If you still have loot, you will not get the opportunity to get it.

I was playing and died at the last 1%, before I could get a rez, the cinematic started, went through the credits, and disallowed you back in the instance for looting.

This should be fixed.
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My friend had a similar issue. He died right before Diablo did, then the game did it's little cinematic where you can see all the loot popping out behind the people talking. Once that was over, I was able to pickup my loot, but my friend could not. He was dead, but on my screen (and others) we could see him standing there, but he had zero health and there was no gravemarker we could click on to revive him. It showed him standing in the exact spot that where his grave should have been, as we could still see the grave thing on the minimap. He had to release to the last check point but was unable to make it back in time to pick up his loot.

Having a timer at the end of the final boss kill that forcibly kicks you out of a game is pretty stupid, especially when you have to manually pick up the loot that the boss drops. It was dumb in Diablo 2, and it's still dumb in Diablo 3.
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I was unable to loot diablo in cooperative game due to being returned to the start screen. I would have had time if my inventory hadn't been full. This kind of sucked.
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This can (sorta) happen in single player also. All of the NPCs are crowded together after Diablo dies and if you mis-click before or during looting the game ends and you don't get to finish looting. This happened to me minutes ago and it's extremely frustrating. My bags were full and I wasn't allowed to port back to town to sell anything. Instead I get dumped to the menu screen.

Hey Blizzard, how about a confirmation before just abruptly ending the game (and kicking a person to the menu)?
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There is actually a confirmation box that says "Are you sure you want to end the game and return to the menu?" with yes/no buttons. However I agree entirely, it's kind of !@#$ty that if your inventory is full from farming you can't TP back or do anything to make room for the last items. As a somewhat lame workaround I have just been making sure I have room for at least 5 items before going in to kill Diablo.
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