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Damage too low?

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hi, I'm currently level 36 witch doctor, now under attributes and under armor it says damage this damage is based on your auto attacks right? Furthermore, Also I noticed that whenever I take off intelligence and add lets say +1-5 damage my damage under armor increases by a lot by my intelligence will decrease because I would swap out, now I just did this just to check if they damage would be significant or what not.

Now what im asking is that I just go or intel correct, no need for the 'e.g. +5-10 damage", right? but for some reason I feel like I do way too little damage, compared to my real life friends who are a barb and a hunter, they always say they hit around 800 for auto attacks but for me my poison darts hit probably around 450ish.

tl;dr, seem to be doing less damage with mainly poison darts [splinters], firebomb [flash fire], toad [rain of toads]. Also it seems like my bats [dire bats] seem to be doing really low damage as it shouldn't be.

edit: i know people are going to tell me to do soul harvest blah blah blah I already know what to do w/ that
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get the best weapon you can find on the AH for a decent price
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im not completely sure about how it works but witch doctor's atk isn't just based on intell. u should increase ur 'damage' and try to get higher intell at the same time. right now i have a dagger with 131 atk and 1000ish intell with my gear... the "damage" part says 2500ish.

my guess is that depending on the skill, it might be more dependant on either ur intell or damage. if anyone figures it out, let me know too!
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firebomb and firebats aren't very useful compared to locusts w/ pestilence, rain of toads or splintered darts. gargantuan w/ any of the runes can be an extremely potent damage boost as well.

also, the passives for a WD are extremely important. make sure you are getting gruesome feast and pierce the veil as they have very good synergy. eat all the health globes you can for mana regen, and soul harvest whenever you are near 5mobs for a further damage boost

also, you asked about +5-10 damage on items. it seems like it is a small amount, but it is actually one ofthe most important stats we can find. the reason is that we get a huge multiplier effect from intelligence. on my level 55 WD when i get an extra 5-10 damage on an item my paperdoll damage stat goes up by almost 800 when i get all my buffs running!
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1. So the main stats im looking for is basically intel and +dmg?

2. Is it wrong to mainly aim for +dmg instead of intel, I know that it may possibly be bad but why? I understand that WD main attribute is intel.
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If you mouse over your intel atrib, you'll notice that 1 intel = 1% increased damage. so 1000 int = 1000% increased damage. 100 damage on your weapon and you are doing 1000 damage.

The damage that shows up on the stats page is your 'POSSIBLE DPS'.

Things that affect your possible DPS are Int, +dmg items, attack speed, crit change, crit damage.

There are many things that affect it, it's up to you how you want to build it.

But, my advice for you, stop trying to get the highest damage possible. You'll just have to get used to a new way of playing when you hit hell mode if you do.
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Due to soul harvest +dmg is generally better than intelligence as a simple rule. The more int you have, the less useful more int is. Same with +dmg, but you don't get a crap ton of +dmg from skills. Still, intelligence is important. Aim first for +dmg on items (especially rings/ammys) and then from intelligence when you're looking for damage.
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