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Toad of hugeness - Worst spell in game?

Tried using this yesterday and it seems terrible, it does terrible damage, can only hit one enemy, can't target elites and you can't spam it.

Is anyone using this and if so why?
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Might be useful for pvp maybe?
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05/18/2012 02:42 AMPosted by Okonkwo
Is anyone using this and if so why?
I am because it's a giant frog that eats people and that's pretty ******* awesome.
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I like it for crowd control. The tongue radius is really huge and snatches them from way out and that is one enemy out of play for a good 6-7 seconds.

I've wanted to use it since wd video and it's amazingly fun to see
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All glory to the hypnotoad?
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You could use it for CC I guess...

But yeah, it's pretty terrible. Which Doctors have pretty solid CC in the form of AoE snare / movement denial spells.

It serves in a similar niche to Hex, in that you can use it to control really scary enemies / enemies who get close. The difference is that, so far, I've not had any success in having the toad eat what I want (the few times I've busted it out), the toad doesn't do anything other than CC (where as Hex can give me heals for the duration).. But worst of all, you can't target the enemy. They're unable to be nuked, which is why Hex is better than it in every way.

In fact, I feel that Hex with Hedge Magic is about as manditory as it gets once you're in Hell+; the way that it picks the target closest to you is absolutely beautiful in keeping your !@# alive.
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Toad of hugeness is by far my favorite spell in terms of coolness. I love frogs and I basically played a witch doctor for this spell. Unfortunately the spell does suck though. Hex, with any or no runes, is just a better version of this spell. I really hope blizzard will buff this but I'm not even sure if they are doing things like that. Until then I refuse to stop using it and am trying to maximize its potential. If you pop off a locust swarm and or haunt and then the frog eats it, it's taking a lot of damage over time and can't fight back.
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