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Not sure if this has been addressed but here it goes.

When buying something in the auction house, after you purchase something the option will come up to purchase that item for the same price. Thinking it was going to be the same price, I purchased over and over 2100 G worth of subtle essence. Then, checking my auction history, some of these purchases come out as 2500, 2700, 2100 and all others. This really screwed up gold count
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I experienced the same issue with Shimmering Essences. Screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/1GZUK.jpg

I was purchasing 100x Shimmering Essences for 30g each so the buyout should be 3000g. Notice in that log for 5/20 that there were several instances of it going for 3200g. That's when I was clicking the buyout button that said "3000g."

I can understand by the nature of this being a commodities market that the price could change in between purchases however either 1 of 2 things should happen:
1) The "buyout" screen refreshes to show the new price after the buyout purchase
or preferred 2) You provide an error message that the buyout couldn't happen.

Scenario 2 does seem to happen sometimes. However it seems like there's a threshold, so that if the purchase price is 5-10% higher, then the buyout won't happen. If this is the case, I would argue that the logic should work if the buyout is lower than the buyout price but never if it's higher.

Here's the order numbers:
25034528 - 3000g success!
25040683 - 3200g should be 3000g
25037714 - 3200g should be 3000g
25041824 - failed, perhaps because price moved up?

@ArtVandelay, could you update the title to something more descriptive like:
Auction House: Commodity buyouts costing more than displayed price
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