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Slain By Unknown Bug

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Act 2-Stinging Winds...friend was standing around and before you know it he died from nothing 1 shot from full health.. nothing around at all.
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This happened to me, I was not AFK and there were no enemies on screen for either of us, full health to dead instantly, slain by "Unknown"

Was only a couple hours into this character but I'd hate for this to happen to someone more invested.
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So, some people are still getting instantly killed by, what seems to be, nothing?

It has only happened to me on normal so far. It hasn't happened to me since before I posted in here on 5/17/12 3:15 PM;
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This is still happening. My level 29 DH in Act 3 normal was all by herself after a battle and died with nothing on screen to indicate the reason. Hero summary says "Slain by Unknown".
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common this blows . killed by unknown , all i see when i die is one small beast in a3, 2 second glitch and im dead

was a hard core lvl 60(14) witch doctor , 76k hp 53k dps 52% crit chance 320 % crit damage 600 all res , N all i see after 2 seconds is End GAme

im like oh ok i must have missed something
i archive my Hero thinking did this thing kill me .. REALLY !
NOOO i was killed by an UNKNOWN , unless thats a monster, recognize this and fix it
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Posted about this in another therad but might as well do it here too, this bug completly threw me off from playing hardcore.

Three levels from 60 and 10 hours of grinding and dying from full health from nothing. Reviewing the hero archive tab to get some sort of clue to what actully happend... all it says is Slain by: Unknown.....
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I just died to this !@#$ bug. Was helping a friend in Expert mode. 1.4mill thoughness and 140k hp.. Died from nothing.. %^-* in expert dont even lower my hp normally.. This !@#$ took me from full to 0.

Get your %^-* together blizzard and start ressing the players that this happens to.
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Level 70 Del'Rasha wizard with more than a few ancients just poofed out of existence near some trash mobs. No passive revive activation, no time between full and zero health. When I archived the hero, it said "Slain by: Unknown". The worst thing is I was rolling through a level 35 solo Grift with no problems only 10 minutes beforehand.

There's no point in playing if this can happen. If anyone knows a surefire way to prevent this, please let me know.

'Till then I mourn you, Pizza the Wizard.
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I have seen an occasional bug where a Fallen One runs around able to deal damage to you but does not take any itself. Happened at the end of a rift once and made it a pain to tele out.
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