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To all the demon hunters soloing Inferno

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Can you guys give me some ideas and reasoning behind builds? Atm Ive obviously been using smoke screen and prep to survive but bosses like the spider queen and some elite packs give me real trouble. How are you dealing with them once you have no disc or prep to use SS? Ive been using this build atm http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WRXVTQ!eTX!YZZcZa
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
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Anyone? Also what kind of weps are you using DW xboxs vs 2 hand and quiver or bow?
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Dualwield looks awesome but generally a 2h xbow + quiver will do over 50 % more damage total.

Dualwield can spamfire a little faster but won't have time for much when needing to kite. 2h + quiver does tons and tons of dmg when in kite. When stationary 2h does sickly higher amounts of dps both single target and aoe.
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My a1 build, just did it today without trouble

Around 14k dps and 22k hp, 120ish all resists, no sharpshooter included in dps. I had 3 pieces of gear with +disc on it, mainhand, quiver, and cloak. my disc is 57 and I can tank atleast 1 hit from anything in act 1, if i take a hit i use SS and semi stutter step away, drink a pot and then use SS preemptively to avoid damage until you are low enough in disc to want to use prep, the CD for potion is coming back, or there are health globes around.

what part of spider queen is difficult? The minions go down in 5 hits at most, just keep distance, if she runs up to you SS away or chain a few SS and go all DPS if you think you can get her low enough to get minions out again, by kiting and using SS you should be able to get her to the add phases without any problem. If not, maybe you need to upgrade your weapon/damage.. you could switch to impale with +100% crit dmg or the chemical burn one if your crit is bad. I recommend using the same build for the whole act though so you can find lots of rares from bosses(nephalem buff)

the butcher is tough, I'd recommend wearing enough hp to take a hit from the conal chain thing. For me it was 24k, i don't know the reduction I had though. After that it's all about the kiting and avoiding the fire, a bit of luck is useful for that part. Same as spider queen, try not to drop nephalem buff but if you need to I'd recommend impale again. I tried for 15 minutes with dex setup and was getting 1 shotted by the conal attack, regemmed all vitality and was able to survive it with about 2% hp remaining.. it was enough to get to the healing wells and use pots before the next time he used it. Had to burn most SS just for movement and not avoiding attacks

edit: I used a 1h xbow and a quiver
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This build has less damage on the primary fire but impales hit a lot harder (hint: get crit chance on gear). Since kiting generally comes down to impale, I prefer this setup for hard murdering.

Gem your weapon for crit damage for 350%+ crit multiplier on impale crits. Hitting 100k damage in 1 attack is quite effective.

Multishot can be swapped out for bosses with no/few adds. Turret probably has the best utility of all the 'passive' skills (being able to rune it to suppress damage or deal more damage). If you don't mind burning the discipline, Bait the Trap is a good passive for this build.

I take Invigoration on prep because I have +16 max discipline on gear, so it restores 56 total. More than 1disc/second average. I find having those extra smoke screens is more valuable than the 60% heal - getting in a smoke screen and vacuuming up some health globes will save you just as effectively and vengeance turns globes into hate/disc.

Bitter pill is a useful primary for getting those extra smoke screens in just when you need them. It's not enough disc to spam them forever, but it makes enough difference that you'll get an extra 1 smokescreen a minute or so, which can save you.


I should add; sharpshooter scales inversly with your base crit chance. Once you get it high enough you're better off swapping to Steady Aim.
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