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Changes to Witch docs

I see thread after thread yelling for nerfs or buffs, and some complaints are fairly justified. I just like to give you my view on what changes could be made to make the gameplay for witch docs even better.

Its not that bad, they just need to add armor to mojo`s to give us that extra bit of survivability. Mojo`s are useless right now. Might aswell go for 2h that has more stats and dps if you go for glasscannon.

I`d also like to see extra scaling to the armor/def of zombie dogs. They become useless after act2 normal. Even with an absurd +vita stack build. If they are not meant to tank why use them? Sacrifice makes them just a glorified nuke with a 60 sec cooldown.

Vision quest is kinda out of proportion to be honest because its almost mandatory. I suggest making mana regenerate 150% better passively and give vision quest a 150% increase. This leaves room for more builds without VQ that still have some sort of mana regeneration.

Locust swarm requires you almost to be in melee range to even hit enemies, which is fairly dangerous on hell. It would be great if the range got extended as far haunt goes. Results in better synergy. Oh... and put some sort of a timer on mob health bars or anything that shows how long the dots still go for! I cant really see if enemy`s are sometimes affected by my dots at all.
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I disagree about the doggies. I'm at nightmare act 2 and they are still quite tanky. They certainly didnt die much at all in normal.

I suspect you need better gear.
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I stacked + vita items troughout normal, my health was actually outrageous high during that time. I cant give exact numbers but it was almost twice as high as my little brother who lvled a monk. He was consistently 5/6 lvls higher then me and used a more balanced main stat/vita build. Always ran with a shield up untill today.

When dogs still get owned in matter of seconds it screams underpowered to me. And before you say so, i used all appropriate passives and runes aswell to make them tanky as possible.

I reckon by the time your dogs are truly capable of tanking you outleveled or outgeared the current content.
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