Ok, I don't know about everyone else but the items are all the same. Bonus experience, increased gold range, random numbers of dex, str, vitality, and int. Wheres the creativity like in diablo 2?

Freeze target
Deep Wound
Crushing Blow
Attack Rating (I guess we don't miss anymore, so this would be useless)
Damage Reduction
Damage Reduction %
Absorb fire/cold/lightning
Resist (I know int and set pieces have a couple but still really uncommon)
Chance to proc things on kill/hit
Explosive Arrows
Resist pierce / % bonus to elemental damage.
Defense reduction
Ignore Target Defense
Damage per Lvl

Now, I haven't been playing diablo 3 long, so maybe some of the things I listed are infact in the game and I have not been aware. I currently am in nightmare and the lack of mods is kind of shocking to me. I don't really care about drops anymore, I expect them to be the same boring items already implemented in the game. I understand it's a different game, I'm not asking for things to be the same but I believe this is a very important aspect that made diablo 2 what it was. My complaint is not about loot being hard to get more or less would like to see more item choices other than needing only two properties to define your character.


Hm, I seem not to be the only one complaining. Sorry I didn't fully read the entire forum. I saw a couple threads regarding loot being hard to get as opposed to the actual properties, so I made this thread.
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