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DPS on weapons tooltips (explain)

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I thought I knew how the DPS value of a weapon's tooltip worked but I was wrong, at first I thought a weapon with +% attack speed factored the haste in after you equip it. So if you have a 1000dps weapon and it has 20% haste it actually will be more but it isn't. +%Attack speed and + damage modifiers may as well be invisible and only checking the DPS is what you have to look at.

Ok I got that.

Someone also told me it worked the same with Strength and Dex and said if theres 200dex on the weapon it will show up and be factored in the items DPS tooltip, however, I checked the exact same weapon on my Monk and Barb and even if the weapon had 200dex 0str it gave the same DPS on my barbarian as it showed on my Monk.

So. Which stats are not reflected in an items DPS tooltip value? and are STR and DEX factored in like I was told?
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man just make it easy on yourself and press i when you equip your gear. it your damage goes up you did well if it goes down, you !@#$ed up.
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Strength is NOT factored into the DPS tooltip number. That much I'm sure of.

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This is the same thing that's been bothering me. What I had thought was that every modifier on a weapon was already calculated into its final DPS. So for example, if u see a weapon with increased attack speed%, it does not give you that additional bonus but rather is already reflected in the weapon's final DPS. But yeah, What about stats? I would assume that stats would be different and actually give you the bonus. If this were not the case(and they were built calcuted into the weapon), then I would think that if you "looked" at the weapon's final DPS # with a character whose main stat was not the one on the weapon, it would be a lower # than it would with a character whose main stat is on the weapon. So in your example with a weapon with 200dex, the final DPS# ought to appear lower with your barb than with the monk, if that were true. Make sense? If stats were not calculated into the weapons, then the final DPS # should appear the same for both classes, but give the monk a bonus in the amount of DPS INCREASED in the Tooltip number.

The latter seems to be the most intuitive to me, but I don't know if its really the case.
Let me know if you figure this out because I'd really like to know. Thanks
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