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Let's talk magic find

Hey everyone, feel free to answer one or more of these questions. Thanks!

- Is it true that your magic find is averaged out throughout your group? If so, I no longer want to play with my friends.

- Does anyone know what the diminishing returns are, if any?

- How does magic find affect your chance to find rare, legendary or set items?

- Does magic find affect gem drops?
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1) Yes, mf is averaged throughout the group. However, your friends mf is also averaged, so you could actually gain mf depending on how much your friends have.

2) I assume mf dr works like in d2. You always get full mf for magic items, but get dr for legendary, rare and set items. Thats an assumption though.

3) It increases your chance at those items by a percent, seems like this is only a rewording of the 2nd question.

4) No, gems are white items, which are not affected by mf.
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That's extremely helpful, thanks! Do you know the logic behind making our mf average in a group? Seems like whoever has the highest mf shouldn't want to group up at all. Personally, I stack mf so I kind of hate it when my friends join the game. It nerfs my favorite stat.
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In diablo 2, you would often have barbarians with maximum Magic Find join groups and follow everyone around, not contributing to any of the fights, waiting for stuff to be dead and then using Find Item on bodies to get gear. The same would apply here where your MF applies to things you don't kill, people could just stack as much MF as possible and follow groups around not contributing at all.
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So it's because crappy players weren't helping the group? Why not just add vote-kick like WoW then?
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The type of item that will be dropped is selected at random from the loot table, then there is a "roll" to decide what quality the item will be (magic, rare, legendary). Magic Find as a stat affects that "roll". They probably changed it slightly since D2, but I'd be will to bet that it still functions like that at its core. I don't remember the numbers on the diminishing returns from D2 anymore, but they were there and most likely still are in D3.
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