Anyone else reallllllllly find smoke screen to be extremely boring game play? I had alot more fun in previous difficulties when I was vaulting and using traps and positioning. Now all I do is use smokescreen, stand in place and shot something to death without it ever hurting me. I understand without smokescreen we would be pretty messed up at the moment, but I feel the game play it presents is 100% boring. Fighting against something that doesn't fight back is just lame and 0% fun.

Anyways, what kind of changes do you think would help give an alternative to smoke screen? I'd like to see vaulting be a lot more useful, maybe a damage reduction or big dodge chance after use or maybe create 1-3 decoys that enemies aggro? A passive dodge skill like sharpshooter? I think smokescreen being a short invulnerability would be a good idea, something that is more a "save" than a "God mode". Something like 1second long, or even the same length now but with a cooldown. Traps being any what usable would be nice, a combination of traps with vault to kite things. Making positioning and kiting essential skills.