Diablo® III

Anyone able to SOLO diablo in hell mode?

i been stuck on last boss, tried in party, but always got own by shadow clones......

after that i been trying to solo, is still the shadow clone killing me.
on the first clone i use wrath of the berserker, but the second one comes my skill is still on CD,
passive stuns not working on these except stomp. and can't out run that !@#$%, cus he will use ancient spear

have anyone solo this boss with barbarian? if you did , let me know strats and build
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Yes.. Frenzy + Sidearm (Not sure if you can smite diablo or not..)

Double shouts w/ more dmg, and dodge, revenge w/ last rune, wrath w/ dodge or damage.

Hold down your mouse button and mush revenge. He's really not that bad.. Can throw whatever in your last slot. Earthquake works alright.

Should be able to beat him with most combos though. I can help ye out if you want. Add me up.
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Get to 60 and gear up from previous acts if you're having problems.

The AH is also an options.
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yeah, no 2m cooldowns or stuns

i use ignore pain on the shadow clone and just burst it down super super fast, hammer of the ancients with smash and frenzy

i first soloed it at level 56, i know i had around 40k hp and 12k dps
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I did it with absolutely no difficulty ...
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this was my build if I remember well can't remeber stats but i know they were very high res and vit !

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its super ez bro, just get some better gear
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Yeh, fine here. If you're struggling, go back to earlier acts and level up.
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yup, Ignore Pain, Frenzy and don't stand in stuff, don't forget to use pot's and the health cauldrons on the sides easy win
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it takes less than a min just to kill them
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Been Farming fall of the heavens over a 50 times, not a single usefull drop from the boss.....
-can't solo most elites packs out there,
-some elite packs with insane ability would take a normal group to die 10 times to just scratch them?
-even killing elite packs, with a 10% chance or lower, the item would be a upgrade
-10% chance or lower to find a decent item from yellow drops

So i believe farming is not an option unless farming for auction house money....
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So i believe farming is not an option unless farming for auction house money....

DING DING DING. Which exactly what people have been reduced to doing, and is yet another reason why this game is a complete joke. Getting your own loot is an agonizing grind of a chore, because apparently unique and set items are approx 50x more rare in this game. So save up that gold and just go buy your way through the game. Lame lame lame.
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In 3 Minutes, heres the video:

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