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Lyceum and Villagers Journal not spawning

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Has anyone actually seen the Lyceum and Villagers Journal? If so where and when? Or alternatively any confirmation that they are bugged?
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I have not seen them. Unfortunately we can't prove their appearance is bugged because we might just not be getting them to spawn or be looking in the right places.
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I have spent 20+ hours just looking for this myself. Its believed to be in the southern highlands, but the problem is that it appears to have the same spawn point as three other Things. (revenge of gharbad event, A cultist group on a platform, and the abandoned servants house)
I have gotten these variations hundreds of times over and have given up. I believed it may be bugged though as the above post says we cant actually prove it.
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I am getting the same thing been looking for The Lyceum for hours and not find it I have been finding also the Revenge of Gharbad event, the cultist summoning thing, Abandoned Servents House and mostly I have been seeing are the 2 different goatmen encampments.

I kinda think whats the point of having the achievement for that event since its not spawning at all heh and the map requirement to get the achievement. Sorry just mad atm since I spend 4 hrs on looking for that terrain at Southern Highlands.
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They are bugged.

Please fix them.
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The search box is your friend. Bashiok already confirmed it is a bug and is being looked into. The book itself is inside "The Lyceum" dungeon that currently does not spawn at all.
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same. Still looking for it. Isn't in known list of bugs either :s
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Guys, I've actually just found the Villager's Journal and it wasn't in the Lyceum (the Lyceum has never once spawned for me and I have over 250hrs game time). It really surprised me when this happened as I needed it for my Taking Notes achievement. It was in one of those standard keepsake boxes next to the Damp Cellar that spawns on the road between New Tristram and Old Tristram (the cellar just below the Whimsyshire portal). Thought I'd share this discovery. Whether this has been fixed in a recent patch, I don't know.
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Just found the Journal in old tristam just under the smithy, but ut must have bugged for me or something becuase i did'nt get the achivement when i read it :( anyone else experienced this?
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