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Bug: The whole game

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Abilities can no longer be switched on the fly, this should be fixed. You used to be able to hot key different abilities and use them accordingly. Limiting me to a few abilities is cool, unfortunately you didn't put 30 second pauses in the middle of fights for me to switch my abilities, nor do you let me switch abilities in cut scenes. I'm pretty sure I personally have the dexterity to decide if I want to swing my sword at one person or at many people, and I can decide so in an instant.

You also used to be able to heal yourself with potions, the cool down on those now are absolutely ridiculous. 30 seconds? Do you even test your own games any more? Or did you just run through it on normal mode and think you had quality?

Life steal to damage dealt ratios are absolute garbage. Absolute garbage, there is no way of getting around this. Especially when you have to stack 20k hp just to survive a hit, and your "1% damage dealt" heals you for 20.

Holding Shift to stand still and attack results in a complete inability to change direction of combat unless switching to target a different mob. Even if I am clicking in the top of my screen, I'll keep slashing at the bottom of my screen until I mouse over something in the direction I was wanting to swing.

Clicking somewhere to move often results in standing still because apparently mob hit boxes are the size of the entire screen. Look at Belial, for instance. Click on the one empty space in game around me to move there, and instead I stand still and swing at Belial. Great programming.

Quests often revert back a full quest behind where I was in progression if I switch to a different quest. I understand reverting back to the beginning stage of a quest, but if I'm on quest 7, I shouldn't be on quest 6 next time simply because I switched to kill something for someone on normal/nightmare.

There's effectively no way to farm anything in game, I get the point you hope everyone just spends real life money to get items so you can make a dime, but this is blatantly retarded. I remember farming nightmare to be able to kill hell, I remember farming normal to be able to kill nightmare. Now, none of that happens. You don't get to farm anything, you don't get an opportunity to gear your character, and you definitely don't get an opportunity to have fun as difficulties progress because you're stuck wearing level 20 blues you can't replace because you can't farm for anything.

This game as a whole is largely unfinished and plagued with bugs, or major oversights on behalf of the development team
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The problem here... is I'm comparing a sequel to it's predecessor? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

I hope by 'my standard' you actually mean the standard that I had played through in the previous two games that didn't take more than a decade to pump out.

After 15 years in development hell Duke Nukem Forever came out with completely ridiculous controls and half assed game play. And frankly, it's almost like the same people designed D3 after playing D2. Completely overhaul the entire game system, but in a manner that makes it so much worse it's not even funny. This barely feels like an expansion for D2, let alone a whole new game.
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