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I seriously need some help, I'm level 51 on diablo on nightmare and can't kill him for the life of me, I'm using this build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aZUdXT!WVZ!aacZbZ however I had to tweak a few things. I die over and over, maybe it's cause im more geared for damage then survavability I have no idea. Can someone post the top 3 builds for nightmare-inferno, and the stats and any other tips to help me get through, I enjoy the witch doctor class, even though I only rolled it cause I like summons, and they don't seem that viable, I still tend to stick with it.
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Diablo shouldn't be tough at all for you really, stay at far range, unless bear spec. When you see him casting cages keep moving, you can get in a few shots here and there, and use spirit walk if in cage, if not you lose a lot of health, dodge fireballs, and use health wells. Last time I fought him I think he may have hit me once or twice. And I think I soloed him at like 40 ish and was in Hell difficulty shortly after that. I didn't play co-op till around 55.
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grasp and horrify arnt going to to squat on diablo, drop them for spell that can give you a heal.

also know jungle fort sounds sexy but blood ritual is much better. the passive healing is just a god send.
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Honestly, I know it sounds wierd...

But having Hex for Diablo makes the shadow world = easy mode.
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May be you can try something like this? I always found healing Hex really helpful. Saved my !@# countless times on boss encounters. Depends on how fast u run out of mana u might wanna change a passive ability or smth else.
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take firebats instead of Grasp Of the Dead

take Hex with + hp instead of gargantuan

and take spiritual attunement instead of jungle fortitude

get more DPS (better weapon , more int)

probably invest in some VIT since it's still useful until act 2 inferno

try again... Seriously you can find an awesome lvl 51 weapon for cheap on the AH at this point...
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I had something similar to this build


with somewhere around 15k hp and 4-5k dps. You can probably replace jungle for something else like Pierce the veil if you dont spam haunt all the time.

Phase 1,
stick around the center and inner center with the 4 little circles to create some space between you and diablo. Haunt and shift click spiders as you kite him. Drop a grasp for the damage and not really the slow. Even with the 80% rune, diablo wont get slowed much. When diablo catches up to you, Soul Harvest for the HP (if you're mid/low), SW out to the other side of the hole. But always be on the other side of the circle from diablo. And keep running. When he cast stuff you have a short window to spam spiders as long as you dodge whatever he's casting (i.e prisons are easy to dodge, he only cast a certain amount of prisons and you can easily move out of them and spam for a sec or 2)

Phase 2
More or less the same, spiders should be able to kill the shadow pretty quickly, haunt diablo and shift click move away from diablo.

Phase 3,
Place yourself on the opposite end of the mini circles in the center, it blocks Diablo's Fire circle and the lighting ability is easily dodge. Again, grasp when he cast something, haunt and shift click move spiders around the circle.

You wont really need to aim Leaping spiders nor do you need to aim Haunt.
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diablo is so easy until hell/inferno >.>
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Hex and the stunning snake dart solved my problems with Diablo NM
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I, also, had an easier time with Diablo in Nightmare than Normal. It's about patience. Just because you're used to Soul Harvesting and DPSing until mobs are dead, doesn't mean you can beat Diablo that way. The health wells respawn long enough for you to easily kite Diablo. You can't spirit link out of his bone traps, but you should stop DPSing in order to avoid their shadows and it's super easy.
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Yea I beat him, appreciate the help everyone.
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There's no problem with your build. You should be able to beat him with just poison darts and spirit walk as long as you dodge things. He's easy even on hell difficulty. Just pay more attention to his abilities and stay far away from him so you can dodge stuff easier.
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nightmare diablo is easy,.. hell diablo was easy,... inferno is stupid hard...

Furthermore proving
Harder Difficulty = Increased Enemy Hit Points and Damage - Brilliant
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Hex: Hedge Magic for healing and Phase 2 CC.
I don't use that one PBAOE ability that makes you gain INT for the int but I used for the Siphon Rune.
If you are very comfortable using Pile on like I am it'll drop those adds or his/her/its health.
Dodge cast Haunt, random Locusts, and constantly heal.
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LOL funny this is up, Im on Nightmare Diablo and I keep getting gibbed by a combo of his fire patch and his multi fireball :
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There is no reason to use skills like Soul Harvest, Horrify, or Firebats against Diablo. All of those benefit from larger groups of enemies, and additionally require you to be close to him which is the opposite of what you want. Try something like this:


Splinters - very long range, you can hit him from off your screen
Unbreakable Grasp - obvious
Haunt - I love the healing rune for boss fights because it supplements your regen. Only need to cast it once every 12 sec too, which is good because this build doesn't take any mana regen runes/passives
Fetish Army - this could easily be replaced with Big Bad Voodoo [Slam Dance] but I prefer the Fetishes because they keep him busy
Spirit Walk - Taking Spirit Vessel lowers the cooldown, and you'll need that. Use this often to keep from getting caged and/or hit by his lightning inferno.
Gargantuan - Tank, obviously


Ok Firebats might have decent range but it's a ridiculous mana sink and once again, benefits you the most when you're faced with groups of enemies rather than a single difficult one.
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Just over level you hero.
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