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Is not required in your builds, why does everyone have it.

That is all.
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Becuase in inferno it is required with your builds? specially if you grab double resist gear
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Have you been to hell lately? :)
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because you don't need it in normal and nightmare.
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Because its the easiest way to mitigate damage. Both the dodge route and the armor route require multiple active skills on your skillbar. With this, you can mitigate a TON of damage with only one passive skill. Its also fairly cheap on the auction house to just search dual + all resists/+ resist of choice for all of your gear. Its simply a really effective passive.
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let me guess OP you and Bigjay are entering Act II nightmare?

It is no suprise, coincedence that their is a major problem with the Monk and the nerf, of a class that is already underpowered.

In harder difficulties it compounds into a multitude of fail and unbelievability.

**TL;DR Why U Mak DH an W so AWSOMZZZZ!!!???

oh boy... your grammar combined with your attempt to sound sophisticated with that last sentence sure did make me cringe. LOL
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05/23/2012 10:17 PMPosted by darkkilla
Becuase in inferno it is required with your builds? specially if you grab double resist gear

I am in Inferno (Start of Act 3). I don't see how it's required. As long as you can keep your resists within like...100 of each other, there really is no reason to use this passive. It also frees up gear options, so you don't need to continually hunt for 'x' resist. While the AH certainly helps remedy this, being able to find things easily, it certainly doesn't help when you find something that is somewhat worse than what you have, but simply double-dips in 'x' resist.

@EzCheez: Regardless, Resists, Dodge and Armor all hit DR. And aside from Fists of Thunder, and Mantra of Evasion, you don't really need Cyclone Strike since by that time it's going to give you like...3% dodge; oh boy. You can easily run a 60%~ dodge, with 300+~ resists, 4000~ armor and 45k+ health build, WITHOUT One With Everything.

@DogFishHead: I mean, I don't know about you, but I have 3 friends. Are there certain packs where it does feel like Monk (and Barbs) are not very effective? Yes. But there are also packs where DH and Wizards can feel the same. It is possible for someone to be in Inferno as this class and not be having the trouble you seem to be having. There are some issues, but it certainly isn't "THIS IS HORRIBLE, THIS IS THE WORST CLASS" type of issues that everyone is acting like. I'd like to think that increasing the damage enemies take by 24%(48%) makes me a valuable party member, as well as acting like a off-tank/kiter, but still maintaining respectable damage.

Also, to make my comment clear. I am in no way saying it's not an effective or a good choice. However it's not a "YOU MUST HAVE THIS IN ORDER TO DO ANYTHING" passive.
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It's not "required," no.

But it is an INCREDIBLY efficient way to get something on the order of 45% extra DR without spending millions on the auction house or getting incredibly lucky with resist all drops.

Additionally, by stacking pieces that have resist all and resist X, you can double dip to get a rather insanely high level of damage reduction.
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There isn't really a more compelling Passive available, IMO. If you find upgrades with the "wrong resist" type on them or are concerned the build will restrict gear choices, you can always bank those items (or equip them immediately) until you're ready to drop this passive and swap your gear around.

Keeping your resists that close together is also a very restrictive decision, of course. On top of that, it almost inevitably leads to dramatically less resistance. Either you rely exclusively on "resist all" affixes (which means you only have access to half as many resist stats per item) or when you get eg. "fire resist" you eventually look for "cold resist" later to balance it out instead of having both of those two pieces stack and add to each.
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I agree. Kinda.

While it's certainly not mandatory, it is a HUGE bonus, most especially for people just entering into Inferno. It's way easier to raise a single resistance than it is to find double resist gear with enough Vit and Dex AND armor on it to be worthwhile... at least unless you have nearly infinite resources to play with.
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Finding gear with double resist is by no means hard and if you find upgrades (with or without resists) it is easy to switch out.

My resists naturally ~245ish, with One With Everything -> 510.

It made A2 much more manageable (and so did a shield instead of DW).
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I'm not convinced One With Everything is the way to go honestly. It takes up a crucial passive slot and at the numbers we're talking i really don't think gaining 100-200 on top of the 500-600 will cover for shoddy play or turn you into the mythical monk WoW tank people seem to be trying to build. I plan on getting 40-50-ish ALL per slot combo items with the various single resists on the combo items being spread around. With less of a deviation on resists, I don't need OWE.

One other thing, if you think a monk in this game is a tank... you're wrong. Its a hit and run class. A monk that isn't highly mobile at a moments notice, is a dead monk. As soon as a ray beam even pops i'm dashing somewhere and if it touched me i'll heal the damage. If in any way I start to get overwhelmed, I dash out, heal up, tag a mob a couple times, dash out, heal up, serenity, and then peel into whatever is after me. You need to make yourself a hard target while continually applying melee damage. Thats a monk.

One of the nice parts about the monk nerf is it pointed out that monks were using the wrong rune for MoH.

And ya, steadily working up my resist gear to take the edge off of Inferno. Act I atm but been playing with mechanics and gear selection and upgrading my dps before I really get into it.
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