TLDR:Spirit generation seems too low, our offensive abilities seem too weak.

After killing Inferno Belial yesterday, I felt that I enjoyed the role that I played in the fight, but a few issues seemed inherent in the class. First off we were using a barb,monk,DH,WD comp. The DH and the WD would be 1 or 2 shot from the snake demons in the begining, so the barb would fight belial and the snake demons in the middle and from the left side. The DH and WD would stack on the right, and I would be between the barb and the ranged damage. When a snake demon would spawn on the right, I would engage it and keep its attention as the DH and WD killed it quickly. I would die in 3-5 hits, but it would die faster with my evasion rate.

Phase 3 was really just running around, doing damage when you can and rezzing the dead.

I ran Mantra of Evasion with Hard Target, Breath of Heaven with Blazing Wrath and Guiding Light, Serenity with Tranquility, Deadly Reach with Keen Eye, Sweeping Wind with Blade Storm, and Mantra of Conviction with Overawe (for phase 3). Overall though, it felt incredibly passive.

But upon reviewing it, I am not sure what I would change as I would need to decide between activating Mantra of Evasion and using an offensive spell, and none of our offensive spells were worth it. Even if I had an extra slot, no ability would have been more useful than a Mantra of Evasion activation.

And this leads me to what I believe will be an issue for monks. We don't have enough spirit generation to run multiple active abilities. This is why sweeping wind is powerful, because you cast it once and it stays on.

Personally, I would revert the boon of protection change, keep it a 15% shield. Change mantras to generate spirit ~25 when used, and put them in a ~10-12 second CD.

This would reduce our downtime after death, force you to be more mindful of your mantra activations (Currently you can still try to spam and keep MoE activation up all the time), and give us more spirit to use on other abilities.

The other issue is that our heals don't scale. Breath of Heaven is just for it's damage buff now. I would suggest making all heals scale off of our weapons listed dps. By keeping it on the weapons dps it would scale up as gear scales up, without the possibility of it growing unexpectedly due class combinations (ex. Frenzy shrine giving you like a 25% increase). If MoH healed exactly what your weapon dps was, then at around end of hell with around 25-30k life, you would be healing 200-300 a second. In inferno, with 40-50k health you would be healing ~700-1k a second.