Alright so i will be first to say that I am lost with monk's. Currently i have my monk build for survival by using Breath of Heaven, Serenity, sweeping wind. The other survival is the fact that item side, I have built him to have some armor / resistance by happen chance, but mostly was trying to go for life return, such as Life on Hit, Life on Kill, Life Steal, and Thornmail (Damage reflection,) Oh and Vitality.

Now i have been forsaking Dexterity for Vitality in Hell mode so i can survive, and it does fine on grinder trash mobs. It's when i get to Elites and Rares that have things such as Plague, Desocrator, Fire Chains and the lot. What are some good monk itemization builds you guys have found?

I see that monks benefit the most off of dodge, resistance and armor? So should i stack Dexterity, Resistance and Vitality as my main itemization?

Next question:

What would be good weapons to use? Obviously fist weapons will have the fastest of the attack speeds, but do they have the best damage, say over swords? or even daggers?

(Please only level 60's answer, if your level 45 you wont know anything about end game monks yet. Thanks)