Diablo® III

Guide For Easy Hunt Butcher - Inferno (SOLO)

Hello, this is guide for you struggling at ACT II and need to get better gear for survivability
Many people have ask whats the best farming spot ? And i say "OF COURSE BUTCHERING FARMING"

THIS IS NOT GUIDE FOR SURVIVING ACT II, This is Guide for getting GOLD to gearing ups your equip so you can do ACT II

I was still at ACT II right now, just need to kill bellial to go for ACT III thats why im farming

See how it works
My current stats are :
Build : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bigXYh!UYX!ZZabca

Lets Begin !
First of All, change your quest into ACT I - 9 - Chamber Of Suffering
Then go to Hall of Algony 2
skip/kill the normal monster blocking your way and search for elite packs

What the important thing this for farm is YOU MUST Find 5 Elites for valor stack
Why ?

Game Play to defeating butcher : Just have enough resistance (300+++) and keep hitting butcher, while he is shacking the ground move aside and keep use blind/healing for ++% Damage, when the floor burning use your serenity / pot and keep damaging him (DONT RUN TOO MUCH AND FAR AWAY OR HE WILL HOOK YOU)

And thats what you get , all item in inventory got from 1x run

I was trying before with just 1 stack, 2-4 and Butcher hardly give 1 Rare equips
With 5 stack easily get 2-3 rare equip and usually have RESIST DAMAGE in it !

Estimated time for 1 run farming : 20-30mins
time for killing butcher 2-3minutes

for more question / want to see my equip you can add LockLock#6446 in game

Hope this will help !
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the problem with the butcher is once he gets under 25% health he will start making the floor catch on fire VERY RANDOMLY

i had to do him about 5 times before i beat him on inferno, this is with 10k dps, 25k health, 300 resist

i dodged every "big hit"
never got hooked
never got charged into

the only thing that was different was the fire didnt decide to just appear where i was running and kill me. unless theres an obvious pattern to it im missing. butcher to 25% is easy but then things get very random
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I believe that the fire isn't when he's below 25%. It's an enrage timer / gear check. If you don't clear him quickly enough (< 3 minutes) the whole floor goes ablaze and it's impossible to finish him.
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its not impossible, i was helping my friend doing his butcher quest, because the dps didnt enough butcher get enraged, my friend died and i keep surviving all the way i can do while hitting the boss

try up your resist and while the fire burning randomly dont run, use serenity, breath of heal, pot and spamming your skill + transcendence for surviving while keep hitting (you can also get the healing well at the left/right corner) and then in the mean time try find the floor that is not burning and keep attack the butcher

burning floor last about 4-5 sec so you can tank that burning floor instead..
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