I posted this on the general forum a few days ago, and it just occurred to me, that this may have been caused by a bug with the friend list. I figured I would re-post it here, so that if it is just a bug in the friend list it can get looked into.

I do not need blue, or troll responses to this, this is just an FYI to get this out there since the actual report feature does not let you give enough information.

I believe I may have been hacked. I am not missing any items or gold that I can tell but I have a suspicious name in my recent players list of someone I never grouped with. I have only ever grouped one outside of family and it was a private group.

Before you its your fault trolls start in. I work in IT, my password it Nuclear strength, or would be if blizz allowed case sensitivity, but either way its still very strong. I have had an authenticator on my account since they were released. I have no viruses on my computer, as I just reformatted to set up my Raid array the day Diablo was released. My AV has caught nothing. I am not a NUM opening up fishin scams or trojans, which woudn't effect my computer anyway, I only check my email on my phone.

As a final note, anytime something like this happens it is smart to change all of your passwords just to be safe. that is what I will be spending the rest of my night doing, Rather than playing this wonderful game (no sarcasm intended, GO HC).

Not looking for a rollback or anything, and like I said above I am unsure about the hacking because I wasn't missing anything and my security very strong.