Diablo® III

120hz monitor vsync locks at 60 fps

When i use vsync it sets to 60fps and changing the max dps slider doesnt help, it still jumps all over .
I feel like the fps smoothing is not optimized properly.

If u cant make it work correctly can u at least give me an option to turn off fps smoothing

Also if i set it with the slider i just get hardcore micro stutter every time the frame skips and with vsync off its even worse fps jumps from 60 to 200 over and over again

Changing settings in ccc and using d3doverider to force vsync and triple buffering does nothing as well

i52500k at 5GHZ
6870 cf cf off atm
crucial m4 ssd
8gigs ram

Thanks for your help i posted about this on the beta forums as well and they said the game wasn't optimized and triple buffering wasn't enabled can i get an update on what the issue might be from a blue please thanks again.
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bump anyone else have this issue?
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tried changing windowed modes still the same
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tried cf on and off
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Same issue here.

The game will not display 120fps on my 120hz monitor no matter what I do. I even tried turning vsync off and setting my max fps to 200 in D3 while setting vsync on in NVIDIA control panel. When I do that, my card generates 120fps according to EVGA Precision, and I can play without tearing, but the game definitely isn't displaying 120fps.

Turning off vsync is not an option, the game looks like it's running at 30fps regardless of how many frames my GPU is generating.
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hopefully its adjusted in first patch
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I have the same issue. If I turn off V-sync and the cap I get up to almost 300 FPS, but it jumps around in numbers of about 100 creating a noticeable jitter, not to mention pushing the video card way more than is necessary.

Turning on the framerate cap (which is way off number wise, has to be set to about 120 to get 100FPS, 200 setting is about 150) helps a bit, getting better the lower you cap your FPS. Less room for jumping around I assume. But then you run into a problem because of the incorrect values I mentioned. It doesn't really lock in and stop moving as much until it's around 100 or lower, but it still has a very noticeable micro-stutter without V-Sync.

And then the V-sync issue, of it locking to 60 instead of 120 comes into play. I've tried V-sync in the drivers as well as in game in various combinations. Can make turning it off jump to 250fps and turning it on shoot back down to 60. But there seems to be no way to make it v-sync to 120 as it should be.
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What's the problem with 60fps? I really don't think you can see much difference between 60 and 120. 60 and 30, yeah, it's night and day, but 60 and 120? No, definitely not.

I assume the game caps the framerate at 60 for some reason or another.
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why do you need 120fps? vsync at 60 is fine even on 120hz montior
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why do you care?

and cause i built a system to run 120 fps it looks smoother to me
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If you've used a 120hz monitor you would understand. The difference is like night and day. Not to mention I paid specifically for a 120hz monitor and a GTX590 so that I could actually see 120fps, not 60.
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Same issue here. I think it's weird that there is no specific 120hz option. I believe Starcraft II has full support for 120hz.

And if you don't think there is a noticeable difference between 60hz and 120hz you have not tried proper 120hz... It's definitely a big difference.
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would really like to hear from a blue that knows something about this . please
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For those who say "Why do you need 120hz" I can only assume they have never tried a game at that refresh rate.

120hz is absolutely beautiful, and smooth. The difference is like night & day.

I have this same issue. I tried everything to make it work. It works fine in all of my other games, just not Diablo 3. Always reverts to 60fps.

In addition, triple buffering is a common feature! It needs to be implemented in D3. C'mon Bliz, please fix these issues!
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ya those people drive me nuts
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well todays patch didnt help at all
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I have the same issue but with a good old CRT monitor running at 85Hz (and thus with vsync on it should cap on 85fps). But with vsync on it caps at 60fps, even though in the D3Prefs.txt the setting DisplayModeRefreshRate has a value of "85". Changing between Fullscreen of Fullscreen Windowed doesn't matter either.
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85 is borked too huh that sucks i hope they at least tell us if its ever gonna be fixed or if they are even aware
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I am going to bump this, as I have the same issue. The game is very playable at 60fps with 120hz, but it should not be this way, and I do not see why it is not going to 120fps.
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