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Hi, I'm Snitch King

I am now a level 41 Demon Hunter with 1309.82 DPS (2 hand Bow)
Currently on ACT II Nightmare difficulty and this here is my current build


So, what do you guys think about my build ? I don't really like Cluster Arrow what skill should i replace it with? My DPS is not so high so is there anyway i could increase my DPS ? Critical Hit Chance or Critical Hit Damage? My critical hit chance is only 5 percent lol
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Impact with Chemical Burn is a great skill for kiting.
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I'd replace the cluster with companion + bat for the extra hatred regen and focus on spamming your elemental arrow as much as possible. In terms of damage, I'd say go AH some things. get the best weapon you can at a cheap price, put in some square emeralds into all your gear (get as many sockets as you can). I'm currently 34 and have around 3.3k dps to give you an idea, pretty much 1 shotting my way through NM act 1 right now.
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I'm at 45 atm, and pretty close build to what you have, but Vault/Caltrops will help you out for most situations. Only time I might switch it out is on bosses. Also your dps could use some help (1600-2k range would be preferred) but don't neglect that vitality.

Also since you will be kiting more, Rain of Vengance [Beastly bombs or Dark Cloud] will help a lot for tight situations, as will the Fan of Blades[Hail of Knives (lvl 38 :P)].

For passives I take Cull of the Weak, Archery, and Numbing Traps (Great ability in combo with a caltrop spam and Fan of knives (which does very nice dmg with cull after caltrop slowed).

Maybe I play too close range but I find it incredibly effective.
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