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Option to change the mouse cursor in-game.

Yeah... playing this on my 27 inch in a 14inch window so I can find my curser. NOT SO cool Blizz... Not so cool. I was hoping to at least make it bigger. Its not what you have its how you use it... I get it... but I am only good at using large things. Please and Thanks. - Heck.
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I'm constantly losing sight of my cursor and it's a complete PITA! It would be great to be able to change it's color and/or size.
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+999999 Please please add better curors/options. 90% that i die is because i have absolutely no idea where the cursor is on the screen, i play on highest settings on a 2560x1600 30" screen and its impossible to keep track of it! Maybe i am old and my eyesight is not that of a teenager, but there have been colorblind options in wow for ages - why can there not be some options in D3... In WoW i use an addon called _cursor and its AMAZING, thanks to that and its more illuminated effects (trails) i can easily keep track of things and have an enjoyable time.. right now dieing because i run the wrong way/shoot the wrong way in a busy fight is draining alot of the fun out of the game (espcialy now we have to pay so much for death!).

I dont see anyone against the idea, so add fast before people stop playing from frustration!
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90 Human Mage
The same thing happens to me, the color of the cursor is too close to the colors of things going on in the game and I lose sight of where the cursor is during busy times..

I really hope that Blizzard adds options to change the color or style of your cursor.. would be nice to make it ice blue or etheric purple, or poison green... etc... even Golden Yellow :)
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Seems like a no brainer. We need this!
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My res 2560x1600

For Mac: http://www.joar.com/cursorzoom/

enjoy :]

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I'll add my voice to the throng. I often lose track of it during an intense fight, just when it's needed! Size and colour options would definitely make it more usable.
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Same here.

Some color options would be nice.

why is this thread in website features btw?

plz move, more people should read this...
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This is one of the most annoying things for me. I lose the cursor in huge fights all the time!
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+1 , losing track of of the cursor when theres alot going on on the screen
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Oh good I'm not the only one that has this problem? Yes please, the cursor is nearly invisible sometimes in all the clutter....
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I have the same problem. Due to the dark nature of the former games this was never a problem. It's a problem in D3 due to the light/cartoonish nature of D3, which Jay Wilson and team mocked the community for complaining about with their My Little Pony level. How Jay Wilson stays employed is mind boggling.
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Same problem here, most of the time I don't know where my mouse cursor is...
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go on do it
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who would have guessed, same prob here in europe

this is a cursor, you cannot see, if there is action, Iwould like to choose my wndows cursor

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Add me to the list! I've got a 30 inch monitor, and I'm playing the game on max resolution, which is awesome, but I often lose the cursor, which causes me to die, let goblins get away, etc... In fact, this is probably the most common way in which I die now, and that's pretty frustrating!

Please add functionality for making the cursor bigger!
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Same problem here... Blizz, plz add an option to change the cursor.
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I hope everyone who posted in this thread realizes this is in a board called "Website Features"
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Cmon blizzard this problem has been there since release, how about fixing the mouse cursor? It cant be that hard to change it into something glowing bright greenish (except for poison, wich is dark green, what else is green?), making it obvious to see, you dont even have to chance the size or graphic shape of it, just make it bright and for all i care, pulsating.

In the midst of heavy fire and ground effects its impossible to keep track of your mouse pointer making targeting for cc purposes or simply hitting the right monster to prevent your team from dying pretty impossible.
you wanted to make multiplayer games more popular? then fix the pointer so tanks can actually see what they are hitting.

Thank you.
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