Diablo® III

Teach you how to update. ;)

Yeah I tried the language pack too. Though it must be your net mines downloading at 750kbps.
The word awesome was invented to describe what you have done here today. Huzzah
Sweet it worked, i only had to change one line to enUS, I cant believe Blizzard cant even fix there own !@#$ up
You my good man are a Freaking awesome this worked a treat for me, this work on the retail Australian version the SG version
Thank you, sir. Much more helpful than blizz support site ever would have been.
I have frFR version .. some one with frFR version fix the problem ? ...
How do people figure out how to do this stuff? Incredible... You do good work, sir. I have no doubt that many people, including myself, are very thankful for the time/effort you have put into this.
WORKS! thanks a ton man :)
I'm on US server but running EU Client and this works for me. Thanks a lot, man.

This is how I edited agent.db on a Mac, based on your instruction:

Open /Users/Shared/Battle.net/Agent
Open agent.db with textedit

The rest are similar to Windows version.

Cheers all.

hiya - there's like 4 references to the enUS patch line - which ones did you change? i have changed all 4 and get the issue, change just one and get the loop?
Solved! I had EnUs playing on european server, just reinstall EnEu.....works 100% or if Us reinstall Us etc.. best way to solve the problem
It also works if you just load the right installer (us for us server, some eu for eu servers) and let him install into you game directory.
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Sweet it worked, i only had to change one line to enUS, I cant believe Blizzard cant even fix there own !@#$ up

To Err Is Human. Those blizzard programmers are humans just like us too. Programming ain't such an easy task anyway. Forgive them for giving u such a good game. Happy gaming!!
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Doesn't work for me, for some reason the note pad file do not want to save. I do the change and save but when I open it again the old setting are still here.
DUDE!!!!!!!!! i love you come here ill give you a hug..

Works fine to me. TO those who were not able to make it work review everything you might have done some errors

Agian, thatks to you whos name i dont know and cant read.
US version, EU servers, still no solution, waiting for server update :/

downloading the whole 8GB again is out of question.
what the !@#$ is going on? i got enUS and plays on Europe server, now what to do? i do not want to re-install.
Another WORKING!

Worked for me on Windows 7 / enGB client and you are awesome for posting this. Thank you! :)
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Another WORKING!


which lines did you change out of the 4 available?
reinstall EnEu for european server, 100%
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