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Whirlwind bug

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i think there is a bug when using the whirlwind skill. It kicks me out of the game when i frequently use the skill. please fix it blizzard.
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Too much pwnage bug.
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Yea, there is. I stopped using it and suddenly i stopped disconnecting. Weird.
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Saw this discussed on EU forums when I was trying to figure out why I kept getting D/C.

I can confirm as well.
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same here! WW bug made a couple of trys with and with out network is fine!
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I'm having the same issue...i got annoyed cause I thought it was the actual servers. Well I won't be playing for week maybe there will be time to fix it.

Whirlwind is a fun skill to use to.
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WW the whole night and not a single d/c.

However, since several others have such problem, someone better post this in the bug report forum with more details of how it happened and your computer spec, etc.
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They better fix this soon, I need my whirlwind. Not everyone has this bug apparently but I had been using whirlwind for AGES before it started happening to me, then randomly started getting disconnects every 5 minutes, couldn't even make it to the next checkpoint. Thought it was my internet but I went onto another character and stopped disconnecting, went back to my barb and dc's returned. Ventured onto google and heard rumours of this bug, stopped using whirlwind, stopped dcing. I NEED MY WHIRLWIND BLIZZARD.
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blizzard.. fix the whirlwind.. it's annoying as stepping on a lego.. how can u farm effitiently without whirlwind? trying lotd of other skills, and combinations.. nothing works as fine
as whirlwind. this bugg has been going on for MONTHS and i'm getting pterry sick and tired of it. is this all you care about ur players? is this how you repay us for bying ur game? if bugs like this keep appearing, i would call to blizz and get my bad spent money back
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nothing new, the bug has been there for few months.

I found a couple things helps but not fix the problem:
- switch to windowed mode or windowed full screen.
- if you see your toon ww in one spot and not moving anywhere when not against a wall/boundary, stop ww-ing and start again.
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I figured this was a server issue... I played a different char for awhile though and problem went away. I can confirm it happens to WW barb as well.
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Blizz is secretly trying to control the number of double tornado barbs!
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