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Online Auction House

Wouldn't it be great if have an online version of the auction house. Initially it could be a read only version where we can check the status of our auctions from everywhere - mobile devices, etc.

This is needed because the Diablo game client is quite heavy and not suitable for running on notebooks, iPads, phones, etc.


PS: And ... please ... let us cancel the auctions without bids at any time - not only 5 mins after creating them.
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I agree on both.

I'd love to be able to watch my auctions without opening the game, maybe even create new auctions. :)
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that would be awsome :) please add this cool feature !!!
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Still waiting for them to add this. It would mean that people can check it everywhere at all times, thus making the auctions more active and thus more profit per auction.

(Could cause a larger amount of profit for Blizzard themselves if the real money comes in.)
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I agree totally. The only reason I'm reading this thread is because i searched google for it :p
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Well just came on here to see if there will be a remote AH kind of like WoW has, that would be awesome, atleast, like Who suggests, I think a readme type of AH or even a plain jane version with maybe very simple functions would be nice
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An online auction house woul be good, i agree with u on that.
The only reason i can think for the cancel auction thing is to prevent the stupid undercut all the time that we see on WoW. If i'm right, a good way to let we cancel the auction at any time and still prevent de undercut is mark canceled itens not allowing then to be auctioned again for some amount of time.
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C'mon! Make this feature happen!
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I searched for this topic using google aswell! xD

It would be very nice to be able to manage my own auctions from work, as an example.

But doing so might not be so simple, what Im trying to say is that the AH must be accesible via your account. And that the "browser AH" and "In-game AH" is syncronised.
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I suppose it's the maintenance that's causing everyone to search the AH on google? I did the same and ended up here with everyone else. C'mon Blizzard, let's see this happen!
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It shouldnt be too much of a problem setting this up but i imagen that blizz atm is having a hard time just making sure that we can actually play the game they got our money for. so be patient and dont forget this.
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Web-based access for the auction house would be terrific!
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Online AH would be very satisfying.
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I'd welcome such a thing, maybe even an App, having the ability to bid/set up auctions on the go would be awesome.
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That would be awesome !
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Browser based auction only makes sense for Blizzard in terms of the RMAH. The longer they keep people in the RMAH the more items will sell and the more transaction feels they'll collect.
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I agree on both counts. I was just saying this to a friend yesterday. I'd like to at least check on the status of my auctions online when away from home.
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i totally agree! hopefully this will be implemented together with the online character profile ^_^
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