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Web/iPhone/Android Auction House, I can't see where this isn't a great idea not only from our side but also Blizzards.

Lets face it, you make buying stuff easier or while your on the go that is more potential Real Money Users which as we know Blizzard gets a cut of.
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It would be nice to have a web interface for the AH among other things, you know to look at your stats and cheevos like you could in SC2 at launch. Anyway, according to the official website it seems like they are going to add it at some point, but are not willing to disclose any info:
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+1 great idea!
i hate having to launch the game to check my auctions
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Blizzard......where is a reply to this.....? A "No Way" or an "it's in development...expect an August launch..." ..........SAY SOMETHING!
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came here to post this
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Def. agree!

In addition,

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+1 AH online or on my iPhone or on my iPad would be EPIC
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I cant believe you Guys are ignoring us poor people!
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Just created an identical post:

Just a suggestion:
There should be an online Auction House that you could access through the browser (in this case, through blizzard's website) so that you could sync it to your Diablo 3 account, and monitor your biddings.
I find it very hard to keep track of them while at work, because a lot of auctions expire while I'm working and generally 30 minutes before an auction expires is when the battle for the highest bid becomes wild, and that most of the time happens while I can't log in.
I can say, not only for myself, that this would help a lot on purchasing nice gear and would definetely improve everyone's gaming experience.

Thanks in advance.
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+1.. but this won't be on anyones radar until after the RMAH comes online.
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+1 for Phone App
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I want this feature implemented so badly! It'd be awesome to have an app for my smart phone that'd let me buy and sell on the auction house. Can a blue comment on if/when this might happen?
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+1 ipad app / web ah
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No thanks.

Guess you guys don't know how easy it is to make a script in PHP to snipe bargains for a 5000% profit margin.

Also, before someone decides to bring up 'well why can't they already do that in the game?', I'll answer it.

They can, however, Memory hooking, pointers, module hiding, snapshot disablers. All a whole hell of a lot harder to do than a php script for a web based project.

I guess this is why they have experienced(lol) people working for them.
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Online AH and phone app would be very nice!
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whoops-I just made a similar thread-that is how right this idea is!
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I just downloaded diablo 3 onto my laptop hoping to keep tabs on auctions during vacation. Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be doing any auction house transactions for a week, which is a bummer.

I would love the ability to participate in the AH while at work or away from my desktop, even with my android smartphone.

If I were Blizzard- I'd have to think that this could only increase RMAH auction volumes, and they could probably charge for a mobile app. They have done this with warcraft, it just makes sense for everyone.
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I googled it too. Will we be answered?
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