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WD: Does it get better?

Hi Guys,

I'm level 15 and I feel like a lot of my spells are pretty much useless. My boyfriend plays a Wizard and when we're playing together he does almost all the damage, gets all the killing blows, while I'm still trying to set up my spells. I can't really figure out which combo of spells to take to do good damage.

Left Click: I switch between frogs and splinter. I've found spiders to be annoying and useless in act II (can I please just summon the spiders instead of throwing jars at people, really?). Splinter seems to do the most damage, and frogs is frustrating because I can't aim them and I have to get up close and personal to use it, the damage is unpredictable. Splinters however, is boring as hell (if I wanted to shoot projectiles, I would have chosen a demon hunter). My hope, is that firebomb is better and more fun to use, because right now I"m not really happy with any of the primary attacks. This tree may be a deal breaker for me.

Right Click: I keep hopping between groping eels and dire bats. Groping eels is pretty cool, I'm happy with this spell, very useful. Dire bats, while the damage is nice, again, hard to aim, damage is unpredictable (just like plague toads), and I seem to OOM really fast when using it. Haunt seems kinda useless right now with no runes, my boyfriend kills everything too fast for haunt to really do anything. My hope, just like firebomb, is that locust swarm will make things a little better, but since its a dot too, I doubt it.

Defensive: Zombie dogs are fun, but die way too fast, they need to have a much shorter cooldown on this. Horrify, again, unpredictable, its too hard to move into a pack of enemies without WASD movement to be able to make this spell useful. Spirit walk, uhmmm, ok, it looks cool, but haven't found a need for it, at all. Hex looks neat, haven't gotten it yet, but it doesn't really help in the damage arena.

Terror: Yeaaaaahhhhh....I get that soul harvest has the potential to be bad !@#, but just like horrify, without WASD movement its too hard to maximize its potential in a large pack of enemies, and the buff duration is pathetic making it almost tedious to use. Sacrifice, also seems useless with the super long cooldown of zombie dogs, and the damage doesn't seem that great. I hope mass confusion is decent.

Decay: Mmmm, zombie charger makes me so happy :). Haven't gotten the other 3 spells in this tree yet, but they all look awesome and I can't wait to use them. This tree is what drew me to Witch Doctor. I just wish the zombie walked a little further lol.

Voodoo: Also mmmmm :) haven't gotten any of these yet either, but again, this is another tree that drew me to Witch Doctor.

Anyway, I may switch it up and try out Barbarian or Monk or something. Witch Doctor looked really cool but I'm feeling very sub-par at the moment, especially while grouped with a Wizard.

TLDR: Will Witch Doctor get more damage as I gain more abilities, because I'm not happy with his primary attacks and a lot of the attacks in some of the trees seem very situational and/or useless.
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dear level 15- hang in there!

yes it gets better; especially as you level and unlock more abilities- in fact it gets pretty darn OP and extremely fun as you level.

wait until you blow up mobs with flaming bats from hell! or poison the entire screen and unleash walls of undead zombies that kill and spawn more...no other class has as cool or as fun abilities...we are unique snowflakes and the world is jealous
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I have wanted to play WD first since the beginning of the beta. I'm only to level 20 and I don't really feel comfortable with the class. As more skills unlock, I'm finding it a little easier to find the skills that fit my play style more.

I am ready to give up the zombie dogs. Gargantuan seems so much better. I don't think I want to use the dogs again unless I'm using a sacrifice build. I really like haunt, especially once the life rune unlocks. I'm still experimenting with spirit walk, I think it will be my Uh Oh button for getting out of trouble.

I really want to unlock mass confusion, too!
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Two really quick tips that might help you out:
1. Activate Elective Mode (Options->Gameplay->Elective Mode)
2. You can bind "Movement" to a different key, eg spacebar, which you can tap and it won't activate you primary ability.

Also in response to some of your other comments:
I agree on Spiders and Dart, and Toads does some SICK damage, and is useful when using Soul Harvest. Firebomb is pretty freaking fun to use, and I'm sure you'll like it.

Also, Firebats [Dire Bats] works like Zombie Charger, but does more damage and travels much farther. Might want to consider swapping it, but Zombie Charger works well. Also Acid Cloud when you get to it is a blast.

Personally, I love [Unbreakable Grasp] on GotD, and Spirit Walk.

Just keep trying out spell combos, until you find a fun one that works!

Also Gargles is a BEAST.
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05/17/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Mookle
1. Activate Elective Mode (Options->Gameplay->Elective Mode)

Thanks for the tips! What is elective mode?
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Couple things:

Go to options > gameplay > select the box titled "elective mode"

This will give you the ability to have any of your abilities bound to ANY of your hotkeys. For instance you could use frogs, spiders, and darts at once. This will open up all the possibilities to do what you want.


I am currently level 29, and my favorite spell combo is haunt, locusts, grasp of dead, acid cloud. This will bring down almost any pack of enemies you run across in one combo....and it's a beautiful sight to behold. :)

Give your dots a chance to shine. I am ROLLING through content in act3 right now with that combo. I DO run with my gargantuan when not in a group.....as it gives you another diversion. I also am experimenting with zombie wall. I consider the essentials of this build the haunt and locusts. Each jump from mob to mob, while the grasp holds em in place. Also, haunt is one of the best BOSS spells you will find.

Enjoy! So far I like almost every spell the doc has. Some are situational, but I have found them all useful in their own right.
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The notable spells to look forward to are gargantuan, acid cloud with acid rain rune, and the vision quest passive.

90% of the WD's skills and runes are useless or incredibly situational. The other 10% are insanely OP. On top of that your few good skills are really clunky to use. It's a horribly designed class, but sometimes the bank makes an error in your favor and you can exploit that.
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Mookie just want to say over the last weeks your posts (I admit I have read a lot of posts, in particular WD forums) have been the most beneficial to me. bro hugs
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Mate it gets SO much better. I'm only Lvl 33 in early nightmare, but it is amazingly fun, and very strong. I do approximately 1k dps and use a combination of grasp of the dead, acid cloud, haunt (and explosive toads if anything gets too close) and monsters pop. Hang in there.

P.S. Keep scouring the lands for high +Intelligence and +Vitality gear and you'll be fine!
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Great responses all, thank you! I must say, Witch Doctor seems to have a great community so far :-D
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im at lvl35 and i only use 3 abilities

i have soul harvest - if you get behind your templar or something you can get 5 stacks (it has 16yd range) fairly easy

I then spam fire bats. I use them with the Direbat rune, and right now they crit for about 4.2k with 5 stacks of harvest (most mobs have about 3-3.5k HP) so i've basically been sprinting through nightmare

This takes care of 80% of the monsters. for the stronger ones, when i run out of mana, i move up a little closer and just spam the toads with the exploding fire toad rune. They usually hit for about 3k + and the mob is usually about to die before that anyway

The best thing to do low lvl is stack intelligence ( with soul harvest + the passive that gives INT for health globes, i can get up to 950int - out of combat i only have like 520) and buy new weapons on the AH. I got an 80dps weapon for only 10k gold, if you wait around and look at ALL the pages you'll find those great deals

edit: to help you get a sense of scale, at lvl25 i think the bats were hitting around 1800-2k crit
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I don't know, everytime I think about playing a barbarian or monk I just think about raining zombies and it makes me want to keep leveling my WD lol
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Keep one thing in mind, which many people don't really seem to realize and end up gimping themselves.

If you want to blow stuff, you need to focus on +damage, and +int. Pick up some vitality as it comes but those 2 stats will make your abilities hit harder. Things like +attack speed will make you do more damage as well, however for some abilities it's better to have a stronger, slower attack as opposed to a weaker faster one (locust swarm being a primary example)

Also you'll have to sacrifice MF and GF if you're interested in becoming a damage powerhouse (and you should be because it makes getting through NM/Hell much easier). Put together a magic find set after you've hit max level and have time to grind on things. Really your primary concern while leveling is to do exactly that, level (and enjoy the story of course). You'll find gear that's good for alts regardless if you have MF or not so don't worry about. And people really aren't going to be that interested in some random level 30 rare item so don't focus on collecting them to sell.

Just my $.02, hope it helps
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A couple things, first, you seem to be struggling with movement so pick a distanced build. Personally I find that the WD excels at running in dropping things, then running out (run in, grasp, soul harvest, horrify, fear - you'll barely get touched and do insane dps). I click BEHIND the enemy so that I run through them and just stop by clicking grasp when I'm in them.


05/17/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Bendial
Haunt seems kinda useless right now with no runes, my boyfriend kills everything too fast for haunt to really do anything.

You need to re-read the description on this spell. If the enemy dies while it has Haunt on it, it will jump to another enemy. So this works fine in a group setting.
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You need to re-read the description on this spell. If the enemy dies while it has Haunt on it, it will jump to another enemy. So this works fine in a group setting.

That sounds great and everything except for the fact that A) The distance on it SUCKS, so if the mobs aren't touching toes, it's not going to jump. Also, the whole "damage over time" thing doesn't work in groups of mobs where a wizard is blasting them all to damnation. I think this spell is better used for boss fights, or soloing.
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on normal levels go Firebats, with larger rune one (2nd) + the darts that shoot fast ... = gg

anything + soulharvest = gg i should say.
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I am enjoying WD IMMENSELY at 39. If you can keep 5 stacks of Soul Harvest up, use mass confusion with a chance to summon dogs, and unleash dire bats...you will love WD. I can almost keep up with my wizard gf.

The key to doing a lot of damage is continuously upgrade your weapon. I have found by finding the highest DPS weapon with INT being the secondary stat, you will see some pretty sick crits. Stick with it, it gets really fun. Me and my gf are tearing through NM atm.
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If you want too deal maximum damage with the Witch Doctor you have to use Soul Harvest. Give it a decent shot with firebats.
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I actually hate the entire soul harvest mechanic, its too tedious to keep up with such a long cool down and short buff duration and constantly having to be aware of your positioning...if WD is dependent upon this ability, the class isn't for me.
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I LOVE my witch doctor, all the way through leveling him. I'm running solo (as are all my friends until we decide the time is right for a hardcore nightmare run...) and what I've found is that a lot of movement makes the class incredibly strong.

Leveling up to 20 (I think) I used...

Splinter -- Grasping Arms w/ snare boost -- Soul Siphon -- Terrify -- Zombie Charger

I would run in and soul siphon real quick to get the dps bonus, then I'd snare the groups and peg them with splinter; if they got too close I'd terrify.

My favorite build so far, once you get the skills, is...

Exploding Frogs -- Grasping Arms w/ snare -- Spirit Walk... thingie -- Poison Cloud -- Gargantuan (since I'm still not all that high)

What I do here is spirit walk into the middle of a bunch of enemies, soul siphon for the extra damage, then point-blank snare, exploding frogs and poison cloud. The frogs just shred groups, and since they're snared anything that isn't right on top of you won't even be able to touch you. The spirit walk is also really nice for dodging big boss attacks.
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