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Respec'd at L40 and love it

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I'd been having trouble single target dpsing, I'd always go OOM trying to spam dire bats. Once I hit 40 and got Vision Quest for 300% mana the problem became a lot easier. I'd seen other people just trying to get huge doggie explosions, but this build is about continuous dire bat spam.

Keeping doggies and garg on CD isn't too bad, and then the game forces me to not suck by insuring I've got soul harvest and spirit walk on cd as well. When those two come off cd, pop spirit walk and mosey in, drop harvest, and GTFO. Resume pew pew.

I was using this build with a monk and mage; however, if I didn't have the mage then I'd replace sacrifice with grasping, and I'd ditch zombie handler for something else useful. I tried it with Pierce the Veil but even with 300% regen I was OOMing, maybe if I'd runed soul harvest and soul walk for mana instead of health and duration it would've worked.

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What's it like playing with the 2 summons on the mouse?

I'm honestly curious, not trying to be a *@%%. I prefer spamming my mouse button to spamming something on the keyboard personally, so I was just wondering if there was any specific reason behind it or you just prefer the keyboard method.
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85 Undead Priest
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Good, I was always misclicking spells when I wanted to move, and moving when I wanted to cast. Having 2 minute CDs on the mouse turns the mouse into a move for >99% of the time control device. I have a logitech G13 game pad and have it set so my spam button (dire bats) sits under my index finger. I've got soul harvest under my pinkie, sacrifice under my ring finger, and spirit walk under my middle finger. I then put my push-to-talk one to the left of my pinkie and my health potion one to the right of my index.

I still mess up and accidentally cast soul harvest when I mean to talk, and talk when I mean to soul harvest on occasion, but for the most part it works pretty well :). I used Skype for my last game which totally fixed this problem.
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