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Was averaging around 400 past couple of days. Today, I have had Error 3006 ALL day, so no idea what my ping would have been...

Maybe try and fix game breaking errors before bothering with latency yeah?
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Played from 3pm AEST till 4pm AEST. Mostly 400-500ms latency, which makes the game pretty unenjoyable.

I've encountered this every single US peak time since launch, after about 5pm NZ time it usually falls to about 200ms.

I haven't taken any steps to resolve this because I'm not really sure what I can do. However, testing other games that ping to US west shows their pings as in the normal range of 190-250ms, its only D3 that's giving me abnormally high latency.
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unplayable since i logged on a few hours ago. regularly times out creating games, auction house isnt working (not returning any results searching)

The Auction House issue is most likely due to the immense number of items there, I too have had it be blank. Give it 10 seconds or so and your results will appear. If there are no actual items, it will tell you there are no items.
I have been getting 150-200ms since launch, but ping has been steadily getting worse since about 10am NZ 18/05/12.

Currently getting 360-500ms. Judging from what I've seen on other forums this is affecting all NZ ISPs.
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3:44 pm AEST, my ping is about the same as it was this time yesterday,350-500. Laggy and big lag spikes during the us peak hour, and I'm guessing my ping will go down to 200ish in a few hours.

Melbourne here :D
I work from home so am logged on most of the day. (wellington New Zealand telstra clear cable which is arguably the best commercial connection you can have in NZ. A very stable 100mb down 10mb up connection)

When servers came back up at 2am last night ping was about 156-180, which although not ideal, is playable and even enjoyable. Also quite a bit better from the asia region. Which usually sits around 250+ for me.

However, This is pretty much the same as I have got since launch around the 10-2am time frame, honestly.

In the day time when their are a lot of US players on the game until today was completely unplayable with pings in the realm of 500ms to 2000ms.

Today it was significantly better, with ping sitting around 300-500. (still unacceptable) But in this time I also experienced "rubberbanding" and for the first time I was actually disconnected from server on multiple occasions which infuriatingly rolled back my progress as well. (resulting in one occasion on losing a unique...). Input delay is still noticible with some teleporting.

Blizzard, it's about time you guys threw us a bone down here. We really require local servers. Setup up some in Australia and watch your customer base down here love you for it. (I will gladly start from scratch.) Bioware recently did this for their Star wars mmo, and if they can do it so can you!

It's even more important in this game than an mmo due to the twitch gameplay and hardcore rulesets.

So, so the right thing, we implore you...
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05/17/2012 10:43 PMPosted by HeartRot
  • They're asking about SINCE 3pm today.

  • Okay Mr Smarty Pants.

    I am getting 400ms + after 3pm AEST! It is spiking to 500ms. Game is unplayable.
    I used to get 200ms and spike to 210ms since launch.
    Sitting at 400+ since I logged on today, Its not so bad when im alone in a small zone but as soon as I join people or enter larger zones It's impossible to fight or move. I've done many things to try and help restarted the modem allowed more bandwidth for diablo set it as a high priority and many other things nothings helped.

    Playing from NewZealand
    as much lag as before, unplayable, 600 or so at best and often makes it to 1000+
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    from about 8pm onwards i can get around 200 - 300ms, any other time it is about 400 - 600ms which is really annoying
    It most definitely got worse. Now longer able to get green latency, ow averaging 370 with frequent spikes over 1k and anywhere inbetween.
    Last night was 260-330, no worries.

    No it's 620-900, can't play :(
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    I just installed and started playing .... i nearly died to the very first zombie at the very start... and now about 30mins in im just a little bit past the caravan ([three zombies eating the corpse] quest wretched mothers) and ive died 3 times :(
    Im having the same issues that other people seem to be having. From launch until last night i was getting 200-300ms , which is normal for playing on US servers from this side of the world. But After trying to play for the last hour I've given up. Getting between 500-1000 , and the rubber banding is just awful.

    We have all spent good hard earned money to play this game , this is not an MMO where you expect the performance we have experienced so far. This is a primarily single player RPG , where you need twicth gameplay to survive in the harder modes.

    Please , we need local servers. I personaly dont care about RMAH , I'd prefer a stable and smooth game over a larger server population.
    Getting 500-600 ping from Queensland on Internode, as well as some nasty rubber banding.
    Telecom NZ here, location Auckland.

    Have been averaging 400+ ping since time specified.

    Also, three disconnects in the span of 10 mins (between 530 and 600pm local NZ time)

    Last night about this time, I was beginning to acheive a 200 ping.
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    rubber banding a little but playable . sittin on 400+ . was on 200-250 ms last night .
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