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For the last few hours (been playing since 1pm, it's now 5pm), I have been getting around 350-400ms ping. However, I have noticed that if I play around 9pm or later, my ping is usually around 220ms. Seems like it is most laggy in the afternoon here for me. Located in Townsville, with college internet of JCU. This connection is usually 5MBs up and down.

Randomly disconnects, unplayable.
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I have an ADSL2+ connection.
first off when i was playing normal i was getting 230-400ms, game was playable with the odd disconnects.
Now when I play on nightmare I get 400-600ms, game is completely unplayable with constant disconnects, I continuously die cause Q wont respond, and i'm rubberbanded into mobs. and vengeance skill never works.

This for me right now is unplayable, no point playing the game anymore.
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Same problem here with the constant disconnection, within the last two days since the latest patch I've been disconnected from diablo countless times. I've tried to restart my internet router and portforwarding. However none of these fixes have solved the problem. As many people have previous said this game is awesome but Blizzard really needs to fix the problem with connectivity.

Thanks, Kwah

Late evening Aus (Nighttime US) averaging 200-250, which is OK.
Daytime Aus (Peak US)n averaging 500-1000, not playable.

Since the maintenance:

Averaging 350-550, patches of rubber banding, etc. Worse than the best of before, better than the worst was. Still unacceptable for any sort of higher level play. Lot of trouble dodging ranged, moving around, etc.

Connection is 10mbit Optus cable, Melbourne.

All other sites/services even up to 1080p streaming is perfectly smooth, except for Diablo (WoW was bad too.)
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I didn't feel any lag last night and my brother and a mate joined the game it was fine.

But seriously, why would you have maintenance during OUR peak time!
"It's like taste but don't touch" , "touch but dont feel" ect..

Tonight is Friday night, which means I can play til 5am, im seeing all these people posting about lag issues, I hope it's fixed when I get home.

Everyone is fustrated and so would I if it happened to me, everyone bought the game to PLAY not to lag or have interruptions because whats the point.

Whats the point of buying it early when we can't even play it?

And YES, why wasn't an AU/NZ server setup in the first place? How dumb is that???
Cost cutting??? Everyone knows how big D3 would be so Blizzard should have been prepared!

Well I'll be home in an hr, hopefully it's fixed, if not, Blizzard won't be like my emails LOL
I've been averaging 700 - 2000 this afternoon its pretty bad im getting download speeds of roughly 1.4 so im pretty sure its not my connection. Enjoying the game but its pretty much unplayable at the moment
Auction house dosen't load.

It loads on first search, then on the second search, nothing ever loads.

Tonight is Friday night, which means I can play til 5am, im seeing all these people posting about lag issues, I hope it's fixed when I get home.

Don't get your hopes up.... the servers will prob be down again lol
Latency was fine last night (AEST), around 200-250ms, no DC's and very fun.

For the past 2 hours (since I started playing today) it's been really terrible - 400+ms latency and random DC's averaging every 5 minutes.

Quit in frustration as in those 2 hours I've done like 2 quests in Act 2 - getting very sick of redoing content.

Clearly, Blizzard, it's at your end, as any traceroute to your external gateway to where the server is hosted is fine, it's only past that gateway that the sh1t hits the fan. Stop treating us like idiots and acknowledge the problem. kty.

If I treated my customers like this, I'd be out of business in a week. Acknowledge the problem.
Just signed on a few minutes ago to test....was getting 265-285, hit 300 (orange) and 315 while still walking around an open area without any combat or battles happening. Seemed ok.
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With trace routes and ping test I get 230ms to LA, yet ingame during US peak times I get 400-800ms and noticeable delay. At night here (US offpeak) I am getting 270-350ms which is a bit more playable. Please give us better Quality of Service, you make a lot of money from the Oceanic region please add some give to the take and start working towards servers in our region.

Swtor did it and those servers are heavily used, I am sure you make more money from Oceania than swtor did so it really does make me disappointed that you guys are not working towards this goal of providing a true international service but still charging us the same in this region.
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I'm getting 450+ ping and getting the rubber banding every now and then. Even in single player which I find frustrating. The lowest I got was around 230 - 280 but that only lasted for about half an hour.
Since launch I have had NO improvement in latency except for when it is 7-11+pm at night, in which case it goes down to 300-350 spikes to 450-600 with serious rubberbanding problems.

For SWTOR the Oceanic server lag is about 120ms... which on 8MB ADSL1 is pretty damn good.

For LoL I get consistently 280ms... why cant D3 manage to have a stable/low latency connection?

For the love of all that is holy, give us offline play or a AU server.

Heres a thought, what if in 10-12 years time someone wants to pick up D3 and have a play with 'how RPGs used to be'. If it is server based - then this cannot happen.
I played D2:LoD for about 2 hours last night... offline... lag free... hassle free...
Sort your game out Blizzard - this is totally unacceptable!
Since the maintenance last night I've been getting a steady ~400-500 ping with lag spikes of ~600-1000 and frequent disconnects. Prior to this I was averaging ~250 in our peak times but ~300-400 during US peak time. As of right now the game is unplayable. Whatever you did last night, you need to undo. From what I can gather and based on the number of responses here, this problem is affecting the entire region.

More importantly, and this really shouldn't need stating, you need to front up and provide us with local servers. It's ridiculous to think you did not forsee this as being a problem. If you're going to tether us to this always-on, server-side system then you should not force us to connect to servers on the other side of the world. Also, why did you delete the petition thread for Australian servers last night? Dog move.
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At launch i had a steady ~200ms ping which is bout normal. Currently its at best 400-650. AH is unusable, character is experiencing a lot of warping etc. I have some level of tolerance for some things, but the AH being not usable 50% of the time im in the game is really frustrating.

The solution really, is to provide our own server(s).
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not much lag since launch until this afternoon which has been terrible, almost unplayable. but thats not even mentioning the disconnect error every 5 minutes which is the MAIN problem i have
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ping before patch: 150-200ms (if that was like playing on a local machine)

now: (5:30 AEST): cast spell.. 4-5 seconds later it goes off.. but i'm dead.
210ms (ish) is the ping I get when there is a light load on the server, basically when the Americans are asleep. That is the normal acceptable ping that we expect to US servers from here (With our own tweaking mind you either by changing the MTU value or TcpAck frequency thing)

During American peak times today it was a constant 450-500ms+. I did have a couple red line spikes and disconnects too over several hours of play (error 3007). The error 3007 thing is completely random too and varies from happening within 30 mins to a few hours.
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