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Spirit Walk?

Ok. My doc is now nearing lvl 30 and I've been doing a lot of experimentation and reading up on others builds. It seems the vast majority use spirit walk and soul harvest. While I understand the mechanics of each, what I fail to see is how people are achieving it. With spirit walk lasting 2 seconds, how is that even remotely enough time to enter a pack of mobs, lay down a full stack of soul harvests, and then get out? Am I missing something?
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It isnt enough to get in and out. I run in normally then spirit walk out, seeing as spirit walk lits me clip through mobs I feel its safer to use it as an escape rather then an entry into it. You can get the jaunt run to add 3 seconds onto it as well. I just opt for the mana regen as it adds a whole new layer of utility to the spell.
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Spirit walk is the way to go.
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Spirit walk is prob your best ability, you can use it to disjoint things you can't dodge, get safely in range to drop a soul harvest, and is overall a really good kiting tool.
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Its good, but no its not mandatory. It is, however, if you plan on doing a close ranged build.

In Normal and early NM, you can afford to go in for HS on a ranged build, but you get to a point where that is no longuer viable. That is why people clamor that Spirit Walk is necessary, cause it lets them continue to go in. Frankly, I think its more for mid/close ranged builds (plague bats/explosive toads/etc)

Personally, I run with neither and i am doing perfectly fine in act 3 NM right now. Build i use is this:


Main damage is Zombie Charger with Explosive Beast runed. The damage is borderline amazing and the range is great, keeping in mind its an AoE. Frankly, it feels like having a rocket launcher (splash damage even means you can aim at a wall near them if you wanna stay around the corner while they are distracted by your summons). Your sacrifice is your big burst, and can blow entire packs on its own if you time it well.

I use my pets mainly as decoy and Sacrifice fodder. Get some gold range gear for Circle of Life so you dont have to get close to mobs, you dont need that much. You may want Devout thingy on Confusion so you can get more dogs (and more explosions), but I prefer Mass Hysteria for the assured CC. That being said I plan to switch it out for Angry Chicken the moment Blizz fixes the disconnect bug on it.

Anyway, beyond my stoned ramblings at 3 am, my point is that its not mandatory. Its good because in closer builds it does allow you to get close enough to Harvest and still have a way out. It is also an amazing health OR mana regen tool. But you can do without if you plan a longuer range build.
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I use Spirit Walk with the mana regen rune... It's my escape spell, my mana regen spell, and my speed boost spell, all rolled into one.
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Play your witch docter as a close combatant, and you will make use of that soul harvest.

Never go oom, do immense damage and never die. A bit exaggerated, but that's how I feel when playing.

This is a solo build though. It's very defensive oriented due to this fact.


The ratianale behind the build is that the frog spell is a really nice all around spell, and it does not consume that much mana. We can then allow Pierce of the Veil (20% more damage). Combine this increase with soul harvest and those frogs will shred anything appart.

Since you need to be close for soul harvest the spell fits very well with frogs which are most effective in close range

The pets need only one summon in order to do constant dps. So you will always utilize all of your spells at all times.

Normally what one can do is to use the hex spell then spam frogs. If things are getting really though just add the fetish army on top of that, and things will fall.

Single target is a bit crappy though, but one can tune the build for those purposes.
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