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D3 has crashed three times for me over the course of hours of play (i.e not very frequent). However, I am concered because I have a very stable, +99% crash free computer with updated driavers and these crashes require a reboot for recovery as they freeze the entire system and ctr-alt-del does not work (I can't remember the last game that had that problem associated with it. I am unable to pinpoint the cause of the crash.

The game has never crashed during single-player play since launch and was crash free for me during the beta. These are the situations where the crash has taken place:

1. Multiplayer play w/ b-tag friends playing as a monk and racing toward a goat-man drum
2. Multiplayer play with an open game
3. Selecting some transaction in the AH!

I'll add more if I am able to further refine the problem.
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The same sort of thing is happening to me in single player. I'll be doing something like running and all of a sudden the screen will go black and the music will studder. Right after that my monitors go into power save mode like the displays arent getting any signal. Only solution seems to be a hard shutdown and reboot Normally like you said 99.9% crash free computer that I keep on 24/7. Maybe it gets a reboot once every couple of months if its lucky. This happens to me every couple hours or so and its beginning to take its toll. Im going to install it on the laptop and see if I have similar problems. Also its probably worth adding i'm running OS 10.6.8, laptop is running 10.7 so i'll see if that makes a difference.
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