Diablo® III

Hey Demon Hunters, want to curbstomp?


Seems like a basic build up until you get to Jagged Spikes. Why Jagged Spikes, you may ask? Because with a high damage bow and Archery, you can drop TONS of Caltrops and do an insane amount of damage, especially on packs that will chase you and won't give you much time to build Hatred.

tl;dr: Discipline can be used as a damage and escape dump, Hatred can be used as a damage dump. You have two resources to do damage from.

Level 53 Demon Hunter, absolutely flooring everything. And Jagged Spikes also doesn't seem to be effected by reflect damage.
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Jagged spikes is absolutely affected by thorns mobs, believe that -__-.

Always fun to drop 5 caltrops and then watch both the mobs health and your health plummet

GOD I hate thorns mobs :(
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!@#$ing nice build man its good to see people getting creative
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I've been using the same setup on my DH, level 37 so far. 4-5 Caltrops with that rune and a high DPS weapon = packs melt. Pretty hilarious!

The only problem is that if you mess up or it doesn't kill them, you end up out/low on Discipline.
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Just a thought; if you are going with Chain gang why not also use Cull of the Weak?
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