Diablo® III

My DH builds, trash aoe/single target boss

I'm only level 42, but I've pretty much spent my entire time playing experimenting with all the abilities and figuring out what works best in groups, solo, vs trash, and vs bosses, and this seems to be the most versatile and survivable style for me right now, I make some adjustments when I know I'm just going to be fighting a single target boss, but you don't even really need to do that.

This is the build, and then I'll explain.


bola shot with tunderball- I just like bola shot better than the other generators, feels meaty, but the stun from thunderball is actually really useful. I like that bola shot does a little bit of aoe, but is one of the better single target hatred generators in terms of dps, with a stun to boot.

elemental arrow with frost arrow - this ability is incredible, and is my primary hatred spender. Not only is the single target dps really good, but it snares enemies, and the spread from the arrows behaves in really interesting ways. I find my self able to shoot enemies who are around corners by having it bounce off the first enemy that is coming around said corner. This is an ability you should really play around with to see its full potential, but I'm loving how cost effective it is and how much you can do with it. I like this over rapid fire because you can do it while moving and because it pierces enemies, much better for aoe.

Caltrops with any rune - caltrops is just good, I find myself switching runes a lot, still playing around with this one, but I do liked hooked spines or torturous ground. I think that hooked spines doesn't stack with frost arrow, or atleast it seemed that way, so I switch to torturous ground and am liking it so far.

Multishot with Suppression fire - This is the newest addition to my rotation and I really only use it while out in the world, I switch to something else for boss fights. This ability allows me to get the most out of smoke screen and caltrops when facing large groups of enemies and does decent damage to boot. Generally if I see a pack, I can Smoke Screen, run in and lay some traps, multishot 3 or 4 times to get most of my discipline back and smoke screen out again to lay more traps or just get out of dodge. for boss fights, I would put something else here like marked for death.

Smoke Screen with lingering fog - I use the passive to get a movement bonus, so I don't really need another movement bonus on top of it (although it is really cool), so I just try to get more out of the ability by having it last 50% longer duration. Smoke Screen is very versatile and it allows you really stay in the fray and not have to kite as much, but I mostly use it as an escape or as a way to safely lay a few caltrops before opeing up on some mobs.

Preparation with Battle Scars - this is pretty much an emergency button, but a fantastic one at that. Being able to fully replenish your discipline and heal yourself for 60% is insanely good. I don't always save this as an emergency button though, being able to fully replenish your discipline is really good tactically because you can really abuse smoke screen caltrops. With multishot also generating discipline you can pull multiple packs of rare or elite mobs in nightmare without breaking a sweat.

I use tactical advantage for the time being because I just like the movement bonus which is good in and out of combat. (I like sprinting to merchants and whatnot in town).

Vengeance is probably my favorite passive because I have no down time, I almost always have full hatred and discipline after taking out a pack of mobs, so I always get to open just how I want to. For boss fights I might consider swapping this out, but so far most bosses seem to drop health globes mid fight, so I continue to use it.

perfectionist just helps with having a discipline heavy build.
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I don't want to burst your bubble, but I think every single DH has independently discovered that our only viable build is Preparation + Lingering Fog Smoke Screen + Suppression Fire Multishot + [ left mouse of your choice ]
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