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Game skipped Act3 movies after finishing Act2

This happened during Solo play. I just completed Act 2 for the first time ever and went to Act 3. But Act 3 started right away and I didn't see the usual "between Act" cinematics that I had seen between Act 1 and 2. The game just brought me right to the top of the castle area at the start of Act 3. I figured something was wrong, so I logged out and went to the cinematic tab and sure enough there were 2 cinematics that I hadn't seen before: "The Black Soulstone" and "The Siege of Bastion's Keep". I had to manually view both of the Act 3 cinematics at that screen.

I even tried to go back and finish the last part of Act 2 again (defeat Belial) and the same thing happened again when I did. It skipped the cinematics and went straight to the in game part of Act 3 on top of the castle.

I shouldn't have to manually select the cinematics to view them. They should play automatically between Acts.
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This has happened to me, too. I can see them form the in-game menu but I have not been able to see them in the game.

I realize there's a preferences file you can edit...


...that is apparently a bit mask (0 is 0000, 2 is 0001, 3 is 0011, 7 is 0111, 15 is 1111, etc) for keeping track of what cinematics have played, by act. But I don't want to mess with this file. And I would love to see the cinematics in the moment.

Why does this happen? And how can I reset my preferences so that I see the cinematics in game?

Note that I saw the Act I and Act II cinematics just fine, but not the Act III one (just like the OP).
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