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So i have been playing diablo 3 now for 4 days. The game ran flawlessly on the highest settings possible. Today i log in to find the game completely unplayable....I know that there is a known issue with macs but i dont understand why it would just kick in now. Im using a 2011 mbp. Does anyone else have the same issues? Is it me or is it blizzard? I restart my computer and it works normally for the first couple minutes and then goes back to terrible fps.
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Same problem. Recently i've found my game almost unplayable, even on lowest settings, it doesn't change anything. I have a 2011 MBP, 2.2 quad core, 8 gigs ram, AMD radeon HD 6750 512 mb
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I'm on a mid 2009 MacBook Pro with the dreaded 9400M, so my FPS has never been good. But today I'm noticing worse performance than I've had before. Areas which were somewhat ok previously are now a good 10 FPS slower and very difficult to play.

After doing all the usual troubleshooting of my machine, my current guess is it's due to high server load on a Sunday afternoon. So I think I'll just unplug the ol' internets and play single pla... oh. Never mind.
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Same issue for me.

I have a demon hunter at lvl 17, and I'm about 30 minutes of playtime into Act II. The game has been running great at default settings until today. When I logged in this afternoon to play the lvl 9 monk I've been working on with my fiancée.

Right off the bat, on zoning into New Tristram, the game was extremely slow and laggy. Normally when I see FPS issues, things look stuttered... this was different, it looked like someone had turned on a slow-mo feature or something. Char moves and casts very slowly. In combat it's more apparent... my chars animations look very slow, but mobs appear suddenly, and I lose health without seeing them cast anything/hit me.

I've restarted, run system update, automatic graphics switching is disabled. I've tried lowering graphics/resolution to lowest possible. Every time I zone in on a hero, I have like 3 minutes of play time where it responds normally, then FPS tanks.

TLDR: Confirmed, SwedishFishx, it's not just you.
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There's nothing to be done. Unless you want to pay $200 for Windows 7 and install BootCamp, there's literally nothing else that can fix the FPS for MACs.

I have a iMac desktop 9400 series, and believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING remotely relevant to helping performance. I promise I've tried it all. Why? Because the game is incredible when it is playable, but that is probably 25% of the time. I've been battling through the lag to see if it ever gets any better. FYI: It doesn't. By the time Act III rolls around, you can't move, and I'm not joking.

The only solution is Blizzard, that's it. They screwed this up, and they need to fix it, or give us our money back. They obviously didn't test the game EVER on most of these MACs, considering ALL MACs have some kind of problem.

It's sad that there's nothing we can do, but oh well. Hopefully they'll put a patch out within the year (but don't cross your fingers). Blizzard got their money from you, and the Windows users are all ecstatic and happy, so screw the rest of us. Believe me, it's very frustrating.
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same problem with me, except for me it is more of a constant issue. I forgot what year my computer is, but it is definitely old. Scytale, that is basically the same thing that is constantly occurring on my comp. Hope to see some improvement for this.
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I have a 2011 iMac with a i7 3.4 quad CPU and ati 6970 2 gig card, SSD, 16 gigs of ram and Lion 10.7.4 installed. The frame rate is all over the place and it seems like really bad video card drivers. It's almost enough to make me buy windows and install it in boot camp.

It's either something blizzard should patch or it's Apple related. Since Apple likely doesn't care, I'm hoping Blizzard can implement a fix.
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