Diablo® III

ERROR CODE 316704 AND 3007

Ill be playing the game and boom ERROR CODE 316704 AND 3007 then i get kicked out of the game then log back in and have to do the same zone again! 5 mins later boom ERROR CODE 316704 AND 3007 again....its every 5 minutes....has anyone fixed this? can i get a blizzard person to tell me they are going to fix this problem for me so i can play?
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3 Night Elf Mage
I have run into the same issue. Two of my friends have had the same error.
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same thing - just installed the game and get kicked out about 45 seconds into game play. any solution yet?
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i get error code 3007 all the time i dont know what it means either
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Exact same problem. I'm playing then get disconnected with one error (not sure on the code, but probably the same as you). Then I have to attempt actions until the game actually realizes it needs to log me out with the other error (3007). Then I can log in again, only to face the same errors a few minutes later. Episodes like this have happened to me several times.
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I am soooooooo !@#@! tired of this 3007 error!!!!! This is why you should make a single player game playable offline - then there will be noooooo bloooooody strain on this !@#@! server!!!! As a first time "online player" this is a !@#@!@#@ experience.
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85 Goblin Shaman
yea im having the same problem, i didn't pre order this game just to get kicked out every damn 5mins, fix this problem blizzard or you will be losing alot of long time business
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Yeah wtf is this I get the same erroe code 3007 problem all the time
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Yep, this sux....
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can we say lawsuit ........
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Still having the same 316704 and 3007 problem a week and a half after I bought this game. I can rarely stay in the game more than 1-2 minutes at a time. Can anyone from Blizzard provide a fix? I'm seriously considering asking for my money back.
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I disabled my firewall and entered general chat. This helped!!! i was able to play an entire hour uninterrupted. BUT then it started happening every 5-10 min again.... WTF...
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So yea...error code 3007...getting really annoying when i'm kicking !@# and taking names. This is my first time playing any of the Diablo games...and i'm not having a very positive experience. I tried turning off my firewall, that didn't help. I tried moving close to my router to have uninterupted internet...that didn't help (and i'm in korea, so i have the fastest freaking internet in the world). Had i not payed $60 dollars for this game and also bought a computer to run it i would just say screw it and chuck the game out the window for some lil korean kid to pick up and have these issues.
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