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Rares and Uniques... maybe some help?

Forgive me if i am dumb... i apologize in advance..

so i was an avid D2 player and i always fancied finding Rare, Unique, and Set items, through all of the acts and from all different types of monsters and bosses.. etc..

i have played probably around 15 hours with 3 different characters (just trying to find which one i like best) and i have found roughly about 40-50 rare items (maybe over estimating here) but a lot of those items sucked.... I have yet to find ANY unique or SET items.. i am just wondering if anyone is having the same issue where the drops aren't that great... or trouble finding really good gear? typically in act2-3 in D2 i was packing mostly unique/set gear.. and right now im wearing mostly magical and a few rares... i do understand d2 and d3 systems are completely different, but trying to see if maybe i am doing something wrong??? Any help and guidance would be great!

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So far I've found that rares are actually useful in d3, where's rares in d2 were mostly useless.

Legendaries seem to be more on the level of elite uniques from d2, but rares still seem very useful.

I've only got 1 legendary item so far, but I'm not complaining.

You're supposed to get a huge magic find buff once you hit level 60
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yea... right now my monk is like lvl 25..

then my other question is, not sure if anyone can help.. but where do you find these plans and such for the blacksmith.. for instance:

borns carapace says you need a plan plus other crafting material... where do i get this plan from since i already have the other material?
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Shister you get the plans on the Nightmare difficulty after you beat it on normal, they drop pretty frequentley
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05/21/2012 01:35 PMPosted by FiiZziCkSs
Shister you get the plans on the Nightmare difficulty after you beat it on normal, they drop pretty frequentley

He means the Blacksmithing Plans, Not the Blacksmithing pages / Blacksmithing tomes
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yea.. the plans to craft like the set items and such..
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