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Wizard Build Suggestions

Hello! My current build as a 41 Wiz A2 NM is as follows:

This offers plenty of survival which is extremely nice and seems to work fine for solo (lots of kiting and spamming magic missle), or with my group of 3 to 4 that we run (Barb, DH, WD, and myself). I was looking for any tips on modifying the build moving forward since I'm sure I'll have to substitute some of the defensive abilities out for higher damage ones (especially since Blizzard is currently the only spell using my arcane power). I know slow time is most likely what should be replaced but I have yet to decide with what (magic weapon?). Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!
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I could see grasping chill blizzard + disintegrate work really well.
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i'd use venom hydra if you have it instead of the slow time, the hydra + blizzard is very good for kiting and big AoE
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i use this at lvl 51 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#acQXOY!YXb!aYZYb

i didnt try all the build enough to judge your but i dont like slow time. But maybe im wrong, ive been sticking with same spell for a while, i rly need to try new stuff

I know: "Glass canon?" i use it to compensate for my off hand shield and huge amount of defencive skill.
You never win a fight with defence alone.. >.> i might get blur instead if it become scary tough hehe
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05/21/2012 02:08 PMPosted by Karnivore
i'd use venom hydra if you have it instead of the slow time, the hydra + blizzard is very good for kiting and big AoE

Blizz/Venom Hydra is so awesome..
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Give this build a shot. Let me know how you are liking it. Just like every build out there, some one will always suggest a different one saying its better :P my build might not be everyone's cup of tea.


Assuming you are doing well with your current build and is capable of killing monsters with out too much effort, then:

- Take advantage of the cold blooded passive by switching to ray of frost. This will help you melt monsters down even faster, before they can get to you.

- When you have to escape, hold down that number 4 key. You can teleport 4 times before it runs out. That will bring you far away enough from the monsters.

- I left your frost nova alone. But eventually you will have to switch it out because the CD on it makes it not worth while to use. Monsters have to get very close for it to work, and you do not want that to happen. Be as far from monster as possible while still hitting is the goal. Try venom hydra for more dps.

- switched ice armor for energy armor. You can take a few more hits with this one. If you want to freeze them, use that frost nova :p.
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Cold blooded increases all dmg vs. chilled targets, not just cold dmg vs chilled targets. The tooltip is wrong.
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